Mar 23, 2011

Marc Maron with Adam Carolla - On being sedentary

When I travel I like to do what I enjoy back home and experience how the locals do it in my new environment. Usually live cultural events; Comedy, music and sports. Possibly my favorite pastime is listening to podcasts. I don't own a portable media player so when traveling (as at home) listening to podcasts is a sedentary experience camped in front of a desktop.

Marc Maron in conversation with fellow comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla discussed the pitfalls of being sedentary in his latest episode.
Episode 159 - Adam Carolla
ADAM CAROLLA: Here's what I know, I know the sedentary life creates depression almost immediately

MARC MARON: I know that, I've felt that in my life. You've been trying to be in show business for a long time, surely there were periods when you weren't succeeding and anybody who knows or can relate to masturbating 4 times a day or eating snack foods until you pass out for weeks on end. I mean, you've been there...

ADAM CAROLLA: I know. Here's what I'm saying, you could achieve all that you can achieve and go out on the road. You can go to [renowned Comedy Club] Carolines, do six sets, kick the shit out of the audience, love every second...

You come back, turn your ankle, you're in bed for 2, 3 days. You end up drinking to much beer and watching 'Let's Make a Deal' and you're immediately depressed again. It can wear off like that! People are essentially like sharks that need to keep moving and keep swimming forward...
It was this kind of thinking that led to this - A poem in two parts. 'Travel = Movement/Time'

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