Sep 7, 2011

Marc Maron with Doug Stanhope - "Happiness is For Stupid People"

I don't own a working Mp3 player and I rarely listen to music these days. 10 years ago I downloaded plenty, bought lots of comps and went to shows 4 times a month. It started with punk rock then later to underground hiphop. The last few years I've been listening to podcasts almost exclusively.

A good podcast is like overhearing a good conversation with a close friend. A great podcast makes you feel as if you were having that conversation, so much so I've referenced it in real life mistaking it for an interaction I actually had.

Happiness is a constant theme of my travels. Its something I think about and a subject most people I meet gravitate towards. Comedians Marc Maron and Doug Stanhope talk "music snobbery" then segue into the topic of happiness.
WTF with Marc Maron: Episode 204 - Doug Stanhope (52m)
MARC MARON: Do you really feel that at this point in your career that somehow or another, that people that like that type of entertainment are fucking morons and you hate them
DOUG STANHOPE: No, Well I don't really hate them... No I understand them... I do hate them initially and then the logical part of my brain says I shouldn't...

MARON: (agreeing) Who gives a fuck?
STANHOPE: ...Why would I do that? If they're getting joy from something why would I be the guy who shits on it. You wouldn't do that to a child - Like "Timmy what are you doing that's making you so happy in the backyard, are you playing with an imaginary unicorn?

MARON: (anticipating) You fucking idiot!
STANHOPE: You fucking - There's no unicorn there you stupid asshole. Think about it! Be rational and reasonable and be as happy as I am, you fuckin asshole

MARON: Look at you crying, see what happens when you believe in unicorns. I dunno but as you get older, I mean honestly...
STANHOPE: Less matters
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