Mar 18, 2011

Art imitating life: "Neo - Ruin" by Hisahara Motoda

You will have to forgive this segue because its as tragic as it is clumsy.

Speaking of art... I had an unforgetable day in Berlin with a special person. We visited a handful of galleries and spent an entire day talking about art and life. The last gallery we visited in Hackescher Market square, was a showcase of Hisahara Motoda's lithographed collection titled "Neo - Ruin".

In light of the current Japanese crisis his work takes on an unfortunate and unintended new meaning. A striking new resonance in this unfolding global context. See Hisahara's work below:
At first sight, the scenery and the buildings that one has become used to seeing have decayed, but there seems to be a subtle reality that one cannot determine as either a realistic depiction or a complete fiction. This may be connected to the mismatch evoked by the disconnect in our conciousness and senses which lies between reality and fiction
Artist: Hisaharu Motoda
Exhibition: "Neo - Ruin" (Jan28 - Mar26, 2011)
Gallery: Murata & Friends

japan, disaster, art, lithographs, earthquake, motoda

japan, disaster, art, lithographs, earthquake, motoda

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