Mar 2, 2011

A poem in two: 'Other people's photos' and 'A Shared Moment'

These two part poems seem to come easy. The themes tend to flow but there's a need to shift the metaphors. Probably a sign of a hack?

The poem 'Other People's Photos' should lead into said selection that I hope capture my experience. It will be a work in progress ad infinitum. If you'll pardon my stubbornness, its a shame some of the best moments are left uncaptured. The best times are often social, getting lost walking and talking, connecting with people. Usually they're times you don't want interrupted. Like a pleasant dream.

Other times, moments are spontaneous and only God's eye can capture it in its full glory.
Picture this ----> A hard day's work dismantling furniture and moving shit on a boat to be couriered from one part of Venice to another. Me and my amigo Roberto, chilling on a sofa atop a barge rolling down the canals of Venezia towards San Marco.
Other Peoples Photos
Why do we take photos?
To remind us what we've done,
or to convince others.
Perhaps ourselves?
Were moments disrupted,
or were they created once captured?
When witness to great sights,
why claim it with evidence of our presence?

The focus has changed.
It was never the moment.
It was you.
Had you not been there. It wouldn't exist.
In photos, we often dwell on how we look.
Where we fit in the frame.
If only the moment matters
perhaps other people's photos will suffice.
Maybe the comfort...
is knowing the moment was shared.

A shared moment
We inhabit the same space,
and walk down the same path.
But how much of it is really shared?
The gulf exists in our minds
But the bridge is in our hearts.

Our life thus far color our moments
In flight we can enjoy it with peace,
not weighed down by the gravity of reality.
We dread the re-entry,
the hostile atmosphere of earth.
Like a rocket, we will not return whole.

It doesn't get any easier,
but we plot future missions.
The goal hangs above us.
A light in the darkness
we may never reach again.
Comforted by the moon rock
that at least shows it was possible

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