Nov 4, 2010

Home Movies: 'Fight Club' - Marla Singer is the "Big Tourist"

tourist, fight club, marla singer, helena bonham carter
My mate Yagis reminded me of the label "Tourist" from 'Fight Club' (1999)
An “infectious human being”, it’s what Marla calls herself, living off what others throw away, dismiss or simply leave behind – a lunch box, a bridesmaid dress (loved for a day and then forgotten forever), the sexual drive of a man who doesn’t even recognise her (and himself, as a matter of fact) after making love. Marla is a ‘tourist’ because she doesn’t want to belong to the reality she only slides on; she is and wants to be at the margins, watching the picture in disgust, with dismay, but with love too. Exactly like us.
Below are the times I've been a "tourist" sliding into other people's realities, totally recalling another of my favorite conceptual movies - An Ego Trip Compilation

- Home Movies: 'Total Recall' - Ego Trip (A vacation from yourself)
- Ego Tripping with American TG* in Portugal
- Ego Tripping with American TG* II in England
- Ego tripping with Slovakian DK* in Estonia
- Trigger: Day 350 (Ego Trip compilation)

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