Dec 26, 2013

Street Photos in Ecuador (November 2013)

The first few months of this trip I traveled without a camera. I figured the perceived danger in South America would make me hesitant to take street photos. Not having one at all allowed me to live in the moment better and not get preoccupied with missed photo opportunities.

During my 2011 EuroTrip I had a camera for 2 of the 13 months, it stemmed from misfortune but was later self-imposed. I wasn't so fussed as I figured I'd find other creative avenues to document my experience. I began collecting quotes from conversations, did a few doodles and collected mementos which I was fortunate to showcase in an Exhibition. For this trip I hoped to add podcasting as a memory trigger.

I was inspired to get my camera after meeting an Argentinian in Caracas, Venezuela who was brandishing his camera with careless abandon. He took great street photos and was not shy about getting good position. I bought a camera soon after. I'm less worried about the danger but remain a little self-conscious about the candidness of the street life being captured..

I've enjoyed going out each day trying to capture the absurdity of street life. Below are a selection of
Street Photos from Ecuador (Cuenca, Vilcabamba, Guayaquil, Montañita, Baños, Quito):

Q: Who kneels while taking photos?
A: This guy does
Witness the Fitness
Football crowds
Sacred Sueños: Being truly free?
The Warriors
Ain't Nuthin But A Gangsta Party
Cake. Boss!
¿Qué pasa?
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Dec 20, 2013

A question answered with a quote: Colombia edition

My time in South America is coming to a close, in Colombia now and am glad I chose it as my final stop. My improved Spanish has allowed me to capitalise on the famed openness of the Colombian people. I had considered Ecuador my favorite Country and thought it a hard act to follow. Colombia has lived up to its considerable hype.

That said, my blog updates have waned which is troubling. This is the first time I've featured consecutive AQWaQ with no content in between. My motivation to collect quotes from conversation has seemingly evaporated. I've continued finding Basketball experiences and found content for my Podcast blog so I haven't entriely stopped being creative. I've also been taking plenty of street photos which has been fun.

With that I present to you the Colombia edition of 'A question answered with a quote'

If you're afraid you have to learn to love the fear
When you keep running into the same people but you don't know them. I hate them
The problem is it knocks out happiness. Its a scary thought
Nos entendemos a nosotros mismos
(Espanol: We understand ourselves)
With culture, sometimes the difference is in the limits
You have to go elsewhere to test your Market Value
I don't know how to describe shit
I have a theory, the Superman theory.
When Superman is in his own planet he's normal. It's only when he's on earth that he's special
You Europeans have watches. We have time.
Mi Todo (My all, My everything)
Mi Amor (My love)
Mi Cielo (My sky, My heaven)
Mi Reina (My Queen)
Mariposa (Butterfly)
Mi Princesa (My Princess)
Mi Sandía (My watermelon)
Mi Agua de Coco (My coconut water)
Mi terroncito de Azucar  (My little bubbles of sugar)
Tetas Dulce (Sugar Tits)
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