Sep 13, 2011

Introducing the new 'Loz in Transit' blog -

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If I had to describe the 'LozinTranslation' blog, I would call it a 'pursuit of happiness' journal. It's not a travelogue per se as I started it a year before I began my Euro Trip. Its more an "experience" blog in that its less about what I've seen and where I've been but more about what I've done and thought about.

The blog is sectioned by themes and passions, from art and movies to triggers and quotes. I've also set missions for myself, when I was in Sydney I made it my goal to go out everyday of the year leading up to my EuroTrip. Whilst in Europe I've tried to have a basketball experience and stay a month in each Country I've set foot in. The missions are often organically set and arbitrary but they provide a great foundation for experiences to take place. In fact I've always liked the idea of having a journalistic pretext to do things. I'm a big fan of Documentaries and am inspired by works like that of humorist Danny Wallace.

So without further adieu I present to you my next endeavour:
- A mission to attend 30 home games for each NBA team

nba map, teams, cities
"The Road to Glory" - A map of NBA Teams I plan to visit
The new blog isn't about basketball necessarily, its simply a pretext to visit the many featured States and Cities of the United States. It will feature a similar documentation style found in the 'LozinTranslation' blog, from tangential pop cultural references to the experiences shared with people I've met.

You can expect:
Quotes from conversations with people met
- Cultural tangents: ArtMusicMovies and Books
Photo essays
Trigger posts

As its a Basketball themed blog I imagine an uptick in sports analogies and puns but I intend for it to be as accessible as possible, in so much a personal blog can be.

At this early stage its all hoop dreams and goal-setting. I write this from Vilnius, Lithuania. Still very much in the midst of my Eurotrip experience, normal life awaits me at home in Sydney and there is the small matter of the looming NBA lockout. So clearly there is still a lot of uncertainty to contend with.

30 Home Games Division maps
Most of the logistical planning will be found at the new '30HomeGames' blog. There will be some cross posting when necessary but for the most part the blogs will stand alone.
Enjoy! I love this Game.

Find the complete collection of 'LozinTranslation' Basketball posts below, obviously it has been my European Bball experiences that have inspired this new endeavor.

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