Jul 15, 2011

Road Reading: Massimo Vitali, Natural Habitats

massimo vitali
massimo vitali
massimo vitali, white
Piazza San Marco, Venice
Some travelers take pride in finding places that are "not touristy", discovered by a chosen few. As a person fascinated by social cultures, I'm drawn to the visual spectacle of people congregating. At its best its reminiscent of National Geographic portrayals of the animal kingdom. A well-attended event still has its exclusivity as access is always governed by affordability, awareness and interest. Interestingly these social gatherings can be misleading because the mass is made up of people in their own bubbles.

Its been fun finding these arbitrary gatherings in each city, Sunday afternoons at La Latina (Madrid) to Monday nights at the Ribeira (Porto). Alternatively joining a weekly pick-up game, or school/work social can give you access to a big group.

On my regular romps passing the time in bookstores, I found this gem in a Utrecht boekenwinkel:

massimo vitali, natural habitats, book,
Massimo Vitali: Natural Habitats

Massimo Vitali: Natural Habitats
Since 2007 Vitali has modified his perspective, shifting between an architectural background and a volume Natural Habitats, comprises seventy photographs, spanning from 2004 to 2009 - also includes a "genealog - ical tree" of his photographs

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