Mar 2, 2011

A poem in two: 'The long way' and 'The short way'

You repeat, hone and get fed great ideas through conversations. That's where a lot of these poems were born from. Having time to chill in Venezia has allowed me to pour these out rapidly.
The short way
Cities are cities. Museums are museums.
When static, we're complacent.
In motion, we're fatigued.
Experiences seem rehearsed.
Paved by literature, dulled by reproduction.
Though wonder is lost
in wandering it can be found.
For when we are lost,
we have something to find.
And we become explorers,
revealing beauty in discovery

The long way
One gallery. A hundred masterpieces.
One city. A thousand years.
One mind. A million thoughts.
Collected but never fully contained.

To discover the wonder,
we must wander in discovery.
Explorers using each other as maps,
guiding us to our exits.

Perhaps continuing deeper,
to stay and amaze.
Charting a path with one another
until we are found

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