Mar 2, 2011

More poems and B-Sides by LozInTransit

Labour and stillness
Beautiful city
Hack poetry.

Writing a lot of poems. Some of them are definitely going to be B-Sides. I won't tell you which. You can decide amongst yourselves.
Its not where you've been, its where you're going
Its not where you're going, its where you are
Its not where you are, its what you see
Its not what you see, its what you do
Its not what you do, its who you're with
Its not who you're with, its who you are
Its not who you are, its where you're at

Its not how much you've acted, its how much you've done
Its not how much you've done, its how many people benefit
Its not how many people benefit, its how people benefit
Its not how people benefit, its who benefits
Its not who benefits, how did you benefit
Its not how you benefit, its how much you earn
Its not how much you earn, its how much you own
Its not how much you own, Its how much you're loved
Its not how much you're loved, its what you love
Its not what you love, its who you love
Its not who you love, its how much love you give
its not how much love you give, its that you have love in your heart

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