Mar 24, 2011

Your image as a construct - What to Wear (Barcelona)

Discovered at an exhibition in Barcelona. Frankly I wouldn't have paid much attention to this video if not for its mesmerising piano score, 'Avril 14th' by Richard James. Hip Hop aficionados might be familiar with it - Yeezy taught me.

Interestingly the themes in it overlap with email discussions I've been having with good friends back home.
What to Wear? Maria Brillas' wardrobe by Pedro Rodríguez
The complexity intrinsic to the fact of dressing is greater than it first seems as it involves a profound emotional and intellectual reflection which helps us to decide how we want to look to others; that is, to construct not only our public image but also our own identity.

VIDEO: Què em poso? El guarda-roba de Maria Brillas per Pedro Rodríguez

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