Ego Trip?

I view travel experiences the same way I do my movies - a) Story b) Characters c) Setting
For me the moment isn't merely about the location but the people I meet along the way and the story I create in that environment. The characters include fellow travelers and locals but also my own persona in that period. Who was I?

ego trip, total recall, travel, secret agent
'Total Recall' (1990)
At 'Rekall', a company that provides memory implants of vacations
BOB McCLANE: What is it that is exactly the same about every single vacation you have ever taken?
McCLANE: You! You're the same. No matter where you go, there you are. It's always the same old you. Let me suggest that you take a vacation from yourself. I-I know it sounds wild. It is the latest thing in travel. We call it the Ego Trip.
Watch the clip here - Total Recall: Ego Trip explained

"Choose your own Adventurer"
Its day 350. Wow!
I find myself getting nostalgic already. In just over a month I'll be back on home soil. To be honest, I welcome it but I already find myself reminiscing on my many borrowed realities, my "Ego-Trips".

"The hero with a thousand faces"
I'll miss being a Venezian labourer
I'll miss being an American Vagabond
I'll miss being a Brazilian Erasmus student
I'll miss being a German Artist
I'll miss being a German Sports student
I'll miss being nekkid in the mountains
I'll miss being a "rainy Lithuanian"
I'll miss being a Slovakian Adventurer
I'll miss being a touring English chap
I'll miss being Louis Theroux
I'll miss being upside down on a waterslide
I'll miss being a coffee enthusiast
I'll miss being Anne Frank
I'll miss being the "New Amim"
I'll miss being On a Boat
I'll miss being a Basketball scout
I'll miss being a poet
I'll miss being a scene kid

Other ways to EgoTrip:
- Home Reading: 'Myth of Sisyphus' by Albert Camus - On the Writer, Actor and Traveler
- Louis Theroux, Couchsurfing and Holland


  1. And why can't you do these things once more? :)

  2. Good question. Its mostly momentary, its an experiment or foray into another lifestyle. I think I'm a chameleon at heart. I'm drawn to documentaries, comedians, wrestlers. I like the idea of personas, write now I' expressing it through travel and documentation through writing and podcasts. Once more indeed...