Mar 13, 2011

Free Art Exhibitionism

I've been to some amazing exhibitions in some amazing spaces in some amazing cities. Best of all I've hung out with some amazing artists. I still don't quite know what to make of people's art for the most part but I do know the part I like most is the people who make art. For me an artist is someone thoughtful, with something to express, driven by passion. With this in mind, my reaction to art I appreciate tends to be "I wonder if they're as interesting as they seem". I have personally never been able to engage directly with art. Like paint and a brush, you can begin to form an impression but I've always needed to add flowing conversation to truly make something of it.

The artists I've spoken to have included sculptors, installation designers, writers, signer/songwriters, filmmakers, photographers and curators. I've had some great conversations about art and what its meant to us, the admission is freeing. The only art I've paid to see thus far has been Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel but its a time honored tradition to part with money at Church.

I've always been drawn to the idea of the starving artist but we can agree there would be nothing to draw from a world starved of artists. So it is with great pride I introduce you to friends. Below are links to the wonderful artists I've met. They're all remarkable and memorable in their own way. If you could spare the time, kindly look through their work and support them in whatever way you can.

I sound like the Sphinx
Sylvia Hardy. Met in Frankfurt, lives in New York
Laura Bean. Met in Berlin, lives in Berlin
Brandon Driscoll-Luttringer. Met in Berlin, Lives in Los Angeles
Donovan James. Met in Firenze, lives in Baltimore
Monica Cipollone. Met in Roma, lives in Roma.
Lennart Münchenhagen. Met in Venezia, lives in Hamburg
Jeremie Dauliac. Met in Venezia, lives in Grenoble
Fabian Sedat. Met in Venezia, lives in Grenoble
Henry Avignon. Met in Barcelona, lives in New York
Dempe, Viktor and Linus. of 'Guilty'. Met in Lisboa, lives in Sweden
Todd Geasland. Met in Lisboa, lives in New Orleans
Maria Sassetti. Met in Lisboa, lives in Lisboa
Ruud Smolenaars. Met in Lithuania, lives in Holland
Dāvis Valbaks. Met in Latvia, lives in Latvia
Slikor. Met in Turkey, lives in Sydney
Martin Leung-Wai. Met in Argentina, lives in New Zealand.
Henrique Gaspar. Met in São Paulo, lives in Brazil.

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