Dec 27, 2010

Home Movies: 'MEGAMIND' - Plastic drinking bird

megamind, plastic drinking bird, vacuum
Megamind (2003) Transcript
MEGAMIND: I know, I know. Always thirsty, never satisfied.

I understand you, little well dressed bird.
Purposeless, emptiness, it's a vacuum isn't it.

(with great curiosity) What's your vacuum like?
I'm in a heated existential discussion with this dead-eyed plastic desk toy.
This quote resonates with me because I've always been curious about how other people live. As a fan of documentaries and an advocate of 'Ego-Tripping' while traveling I've had the pleasure of being a "Big Tourist" walking miles in other people's shoes.

- Home Movies: 'Total Recall' - Ego Trip (A vacation from yourself)
- Ego Tripping with American TG* in Portugal
- Ego Tripping with American TG* II in England
- Ego tripping with Slovakian DK* in Estonia
- Trigger: Day 350 (Ego Trip compilation)

Dec 21, 2010

Looking back on 2010

It's been a great preseason.

2010 Trigger Diaries:
- Interstate Audits: Adelaide, Melbourne and Byron Bay
- The 'Loz in Translation Festival' collapsing on other festivals
- Final Audit on both sides of 30 (Nov 2010)
- Night Shift RDO shenanigans off the top of my dome (Oct 2010)
- A Day in the life of: Thursday August 26, 2010
- The last few weeks, Top of my dome (Aug 2010)
- My 2010 posts

Dec 18, 2010

Kindred Spirits: Quest and Answers

Its equally comforting and startling to find other people are asking the same questions and looking for answers the same way as you are. Its even more heartening when you find that kindred spirit within family or a dear friend.
simple questions and complicated answers...
Perhaps that is why, when asked a very simply question by one of my elementary school students, I was taken completely aback by my inability to answer:

"Sensei... Are you happy?"

Voiced with such complete openness. So naive in its innocence. Not yet jaded or weighed down by the perceived responsibilities and everyday complications of life... as each of us eventually becomes...

I often wonder if I was ever so young...

For a long time after I could not find the words, and I was left to ponder the question late into the evening and many days hence. Sometimes the questions can seem so simple on the surface yet hide layers of complexity underneath... or mayhap I simply complicate them in my own mind :).
Whatever the case, I think I found myself walking through the motions of my recent existence in somewhat of a daze, wondering where in fact I was going with my life. Wondering how I could possibly approach the question, let alone the answer...

Nov 16, 2010

In improv as in life...

If you've ever done an Improv workshop you will certainly have heard the instructor saying "In Improv as in life..." as he teaches you the basic tenets of Improv. Its actually quite rewarding to take these lessons to heart and applying it to one's life.

I've listed some of the basic rules of Improv below. They're not hard and fast rules and some I've extrapolated from my limited experience with it.

Try it in your everyday life. Let me know how it goes
  1. Always say "Yes! and..."
  2. Be positive
  3. Fake it till you make it
  4. Listen!
  5. Run with what you're given
  6. Make offers and accept offers
  7. Revel in your failures
  8. Trust in yourself and your partners
  9. Don't be judgmental
  10. Direct your focus
  11. The more you do it the better you'll get
  12. Always be confident even when you have no clue
  13. Every reality is valid if you're convincing enough
You can find a collection of Improv commandments here - Rules of Improv

Nov 12, 2010

The 'Loz in Translation Festival' collapsing on other festivals

Sydney Festival
Sydney Underground Film Festival
Sydney Film Festival
Hola Mexico Film Festival
Fantastic Planet Film Festival
Latin Film Festival
Sydney Writers Festival
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Nov 9, 2010

The Grind: HBOs 'How To Make It In America'

How To Make It In America (HBO):
Bryan Greenberg & Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi 

BRYAN GREENBERG: This show is all about "The Grind". Its not even about the destination at all. Its "how to make it" - not "making it"... This show is about swinging vine to vine and letting go of that vine and you don't know if you're gonna be able to make that next one. You just gotta keep pushing through. Its all about the journey...

Who doesn't want to be in a different place in their life? See I don't think the grind ever ends. You never get there and that's how you make it. You never make it. You just keep grinding it out.

KID CUDI: And its always good to see a lot of hot girls around.

GREENBERG: And there's that

KID CUDI: That's enough motivation

Nov 4, 2010

Home Movies: 'Fight Club' - Marla Singer is the "Big Tourist"

tourist, fight club, marla singer, helena bonham carter
My mate Yagis reminded me of the label "Tourist" from 'Fight Club' (1999)
An “infectious human being”, it’s what Marla calls herself, living off what others throw away, dismiss or simply leave behind – a lunch box, a bridesmaid dress (loved for a day and then forgotten forever), the sexual drive of a man who doesn’t even recognise her (and himself, as a matter of fact) after making love. Marla is a ‘tourist’ because she doesn’t want to belong to the reality she only slides on; she is and wants to be at the margins, watching the picture in disgust, with dismay, but with love too. Exactly like us.
Below are the times I've been a "tourist" sliding into other people's realities, totally recalling another of my favorite conceptual movies - An Ego Trip Compilation

- Home Movies: 'Total Recall' - Ego Trip (A vacation from yourself)
- Ego Tripping with American TG* in Portugal
- Ego Tripping with American TG* II in England
- Ego tripping with Slovakian DK* in Estonia
- Trigger: Day 350 (Ego Trip compilation)

Nov 3, 2010

Stuff to do in Europe

Note: I kindly request that you drop any suggestions and links to any cool things I should add to my list

Important Home details:
- German Embassy, Sydney
- Eurail Rail Travel Passes

In Chronological order

Carnival of Venice (Venice, Italy)
Festival Types: Carnival, Street Parade, Party
The Venetian backdrop, truckloads of sumptuos Italian food and wine, a classical soundtrack and a frenzy of fireworks

Berlin Film Festival aka 'Berlinale' (Berlin, Germany)
Festival Type: Film
February 10-20

Las Fallas (Valencia, Spain)
Festival Types: Street Parade, Party, Fireworks
If you like your parade floats Herculean, your parties non-stop (and seemingly without end), and you don't mind your celebrations going off with a bang
Outlook Festival Croatia (1st-4th September),
Fort Punta Christo, Pula.


Glasgow International Comedy Festival (Glasgow, Scotland)
Festival Types: Comedy
Month: March

Cat Laughs Comedy Festival (Kilkenny, Ireland)
Festival Types: Comedy, Performing Art
Month: June

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Festival Types: Fringe, Performing Art, Comedy
Month: August
The Edinburgh Fringe place for three manic weeks in Scotland's beguiling capital, Edinburgh, each and every August. Now established as the world's largest arts festival (with a heavy tilt toward comedy)...
Liverpool Comedy Festival (Liverpool, England)
Festival Types: Comedy, Performing Art
Month: May

Bath Fringe Festival (Bath, England)
Festival Types: Fringe, Performing Art, Comedy
Month: June

Bedford Fringe Festival (Bedford, England)
Festival Types: Fringe, Performing Art, Comedy
Month: July

Mighty Boosh Festival (Paddock Wood, England)
Festival Types: Comedy, Music - Alternative, Fan Convention
Month: July

Llangollen Fringe Festival (Llangollen, Wales)
Festival Types: Fringe, Comedy, Performing Art
Month: July

Dublin Fringe Festival (Dublin, Ireland)
Festival Types: Fringe, Performing Art, Comedy
Month: September

Greenwich Comedy Festival (London, England)
Festival Types: Comedy, Performing Art
Month: September

Helsinki Comedy Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
Festival Types: Comedy
Month: September

Leicester Comedy Festival (Leicester, England)
Festival Types: Comedy, Performing Art
Month: October

Belfast Festival at Queen's (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Festival Types: Performing Art, Music - Varied, Comedy
Month: October

Canterbury Festival (Canterbury, England)
Festival Types: Performing Art, Music - Varied, Comedy
Month: October

Manchester Comedy Festival (Manchester, England)
Festival Types: Comedy, Performing Art
Month: October

  • Cheese Rolling (Coopers Hill, England)
    Festival Types: Sport - Bizarre, Bizarre, Harvest
    Month: May

    Whenever you catch a wacky, global sports round-up on the tele chances are they'll feature a bunch of Brits rolling uncontrollably down a ridiculously steep hill, neigh precipice, following a 7 pound chunk of cheese...
  • San Fermin Running of the Bulls (Pamplona, Spain)
    Festival Types: Bizarre, Traditional, Party
    Month: July
    At noon on the seventh day of the seventh month... for a duration of seven days, the Spanish city of Pamplona
  • Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
    Festival Types: Beer, Party, Traditional
    Month: October

    Set on grounds of over 100 acres in the magnificently picturesque Bavarian city of Munich, Oktoberfest has consistently attracted in the region of six million visitors year in, year out since 1980.

Banksy walking tours
Top 10 Banksy locations in London, walking tour #1
Top 10 Banksy locations in London, walking tour #2
Banksy - Top current London locations

Before Sunset Walking tour (France)

Turkish Airlines Euroleague
European Domestic competitions

Watching Allen Iverson play for Besiktas Cola Turka (Turkey, Istanbul)
- Premier League Fixtures



Internation Pro Wrestling UK - Upcoming Events
"No Escape 2011" on Sunday March 6th 2011 @ The Swallows Leisure Centere!
"International Incident 2011" on Tuesday March 8th 2011 @ The Tap 'n' Tin, strictly 18+ only!
Britannia Wrestling (North wales) - 2011 shows
Real Quality Wrestling
All Star Wrestling - 2011 Calendar
XWA Wrestling (Lancashire) - Events, GoldRush February 19, 2011

Germany and elsewhere
Athletik Club Wrestling calendar (Weinheim, Germany)

Final Audit on both sides of 30

Off the top of my Dome in reverse chronological order
T - Oprah House, MCA, BJ Penn@ Star, JayZ + U2 @AcerArena
M - Swimmin and loungin @Cronulla Beach then Northies
S - Drinks and supposed-to-be UFC @Cheers, Dancing @ScaryCanary with Eric and Aaron. Night Parkour @Pyrmont Park
S - Xmas Function Blackjack gig @Bayview Boulevard Hotel, Darlinghurst
F - With Workies: Korean eats @Arisan, Dancing + Drinks @Sharkies, Tug
T - Video Games + Gamblor
W - Beach @Tamarama, Project52 Comedy @Hermanns Bar
T - Improv @Roxbury w/ Sis. MEt up with Robin and Eric
M - Eats @Bettys Soup Kitchen and Drinks @Shady Pines with MeanJean
S - Arcade
S - Eats @Scruffys with Alex
F - Overtime, Dubstep @Gaff
T - MicinHand, Chingalings, Wold Cup bid live site in Rodman costume, apparently I got on some TV and online
W - Overtime
T - Ball then Granville Chicken with workies, Watched 'Due Date', snuck into HP4
M - Went to Jay's to design then workout/sparring session
S - Drinks with Esteban/Andrea @Oscars, hung w Gerome/Fred
S - City fireworks, Clair's bday @Retro
F - Jean Grae/Pharoah Monche w Fred @Metro, Cheers with workies
T - Kevin's Art opening @Mils Gallery, Eats @Madison with Kev's crew, Denise and sis, Chingalings
W - Hung at Yagis
T - Meeting with Jay, Ball with workies, Watched 'Skyline' movie
M - Helped Kevin with his art exhibition
S - UFC 123 at Cheers
S - Harbourside fireworks and theatre, Went to 3WMonkeys and The Loft with Fred
F - SharkBar and Space with workies, Gambling mess at Silks
T - Coogee Beach, followed Guide book to Billy Kwong's
W - Danny Green fight @KingsX Dubstep @World Bar
T - Improv workshop and show, went to Establishment with American met that night
M- Overtime
S - Dressed as Dennis Rodman for Staff Party Cruise, afterparty PBH, crashed at Aaron dope pad
S - Drinks @QuayBar for Jerusha's, Warehouse party @Shirlow St Sydneyham
F - Costume hunting @Paddys, Coffee with random bump-in with Dennies, 'We are what we are' @Hola Mexico Film Festival
T - Bondi Beach, Drinks @Chingaling, Eats @Lounge
W - Chats with Issa
T - Improv @Roxbury, Views of City @Blu Shangri-La, Salsa @Establishment, Eats @City Extra
M - Reggae via tag-along and hookups with Eric and his mates @Basement Circular Quay
S - Drinks and Pizza for Dennis Farewell @HCB
S - Drinking games @HCB Hostel then Gaff for Dennis' Farewell. Slept at Hostel.
F - 'Machete' Premier @Dendy Cinemas, Partying with HCBackpackers crew @Rouge KingsX
T - Dinner with Nate/Eli/Anita @Samurai in Balmain. Went to TigersHQ. Missed opp: Awesome MicinHand lineup
W - Gallery Opening @Paper Mill. Beer Ponged at Wet Wednesday @Scary Canary
T - [Word in Hand] Poetry Slam @Friend in Hand. Partied @The Gaff
M - Hung at Fred's. Reggae @Paddy Maguires on a Rainy day
S - Drink @Oscars. Stumbled on Salsa @Docks. Rockin out @3 Wise Monkeys
S - Went to HalfSleeve 3 on 3 @Maybank Courts before work. Nate's Birthday chats
F - Dinner @Sean's Kitchen with Fam
T - Rock Climbing @St Peters. Hung with Sam, Marnie, Burga + Webber @Newtown and Erskineville
W - Dinner @House with The NMC. Hangin and Improv @Dr Pongs. HipHop @Flinders Hotel
T - Turned 30 hanging with Sam and Marnie. Roamed Bondi and Pancakes @The Rocks
M - 'Social Network' Preview Screening with German hostel kids. Snuck into 'Paranormal Activities 2' afterwards. Partied @Sidebar
S - UFC 121 @Cheers
S - @Sevo RSL
F - Hung with Nate, thought I had work when I had none. Komachi. Pocket Bar. Drinks @The Ivy, Clubbing @Tank
T - Eats @Menja Stumbled on Gallery @Chippendale

Castle's BDay @Lowenbrau. Clubs and Strips @KingsX. The Eastern.

Oct 26, 2010

30 Rock! and Ozhiphop 'Illy' - On The Bus

Yes that's right. I'm 30.Rock!

VIDEO: Illy - On The Bus

Oct 24, 2010

The original 'Loz in Translation' Festival (Nov 2009)

W - Randomly bumped into RB @Kinokuniya then went for walk and chats, hung out with Nate
Th - Beach
F - Def Wish Cast @Beach Rd
Sa - went to 'Hulkamania' wrestling. Bumped into J.Lim and his mate
Su - Bondi shenanigans with Fred and Gerome
M - Visited good mate Sam at Tempe
Tu - Stumbled on UTS Grad show on the way to Fred's. Then Coyote Tuesdays @Gaff
W - Green/Jones fight, slept at bros in Kings X
Th - Burger fuel, Kings X, Bondi swim hung out with kevin, bar hopping with Geoff then met up with Gerome at Sheaf and went to house party til 6 in the morn
F - Did the Mario Golden coin search to no avail, went to Finders Keepers gallery bumped into Nate, a family friend, Burgatron and a design mate. Had drinks with Nate and his crew. Met up w/Fred and went to Pure Platinum
Sa - Walked around city with Andy-Star
Su - Watched 'Where the Wild Things are'
M - Met up with fred n jay for sushi
Tu - Stand up comedy @Laugh Garage. Met some comedians who performed
W - Bumped into workmate I recognized but had never met. Joined his crew for drinks, pizza and Internet Cafe Lan party. Bumped into a Comedian from day before whilst waiting for bus @TownHallSteps. Chatted.

Oct 23, 2010

'Spit Press' magazine Issue 4 - On the Road

Spit Press Magazine. Issue 4
India McDonough reviews 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac
Everyone wants to know a Dean Moriarty. Yeah, he kind of sucks a bit as a friend at times, but he's great to hang out with and you know you'll have a great night with him... even if you don't quite remember it. He's the philosophical guy who's so smart he's kind of crazy, the one who makes you think, who makes you want to experience life 100%, who you'd travel across the country to party with for one night, even though you know he'll probably leave you high and dry to take some chick home...

Oct 20, 2010

July 2009: America audit (NY, Chi, LA, Mia, LV)

  • Everglades on that fan boat
  • Mostly fam stuff
  • ferried around and saw celeb mansions
  • Watched UFC 100 at Hooters
Missed Opp
  • Ummm who goes to Miami and doesn't even see South Beach? Yeah when you're staying with fam in the burbs it can happen. No biggie, good excuse to come back
  • Zo's summer jam was on the day we flew out. Charity basketball event featuring Dwade, Lebron etc...
  • Dang latinas be fine

New York
  • Met up with comedian, backstage at Sirius Studios, followed by going backstage and watching a Taping of The Colbert Report. This experience unfortunately clashed with Letterman which my cousins watched without me.
  • Met up with another comedian, went backstage at AAR Studios. Turns out it would be their penultimate show
  • boutique window shopping (DQM, Supreme)
  • Went to 'Forbidden Planet' comic store in Union Square
  • went up EmpireSB, Went to Ellis Island and Liberty Island
  • Saw comedy at Comic Strip Live
  • Checked out JayZ's Club (40/40), but it was NAACP night. so old Bill Russell like people and we were the only non blacks
  • Drank at Sky Garden style bar overlooking Empire
  • Kayaking down chicago river
  • Went to Six Flags by limo. Spent the Day
  • beautiful parks and museums, a lot of Dark Knight was filmed here - mayor's office, all the tunnel car chases
  • Missed our flight to Vegas due to dumba55ness. wasted money and time, thankfully we could stay at Aunts
  • Went to Improv Comedy. Not the name one i wanted to see (Second City) but was fun. I actually got up on stage for the 'open' session. Was like a deer in headlights. I did have one good line though that was one of the better applause lines for the night. i got a trophy for it.
  • Bar hopping, Cousin driving us around. Checked out speakeasy style bar where some of 'Public Enemies' was shot
Las Vegas
  • Shopping at outlets and buffeting
  • Went to NBA Summer League. We got in through dodgy scalpers who gave us a $10 discount from $25. Saw number #2 pick and Sota's Jonny Flynn play. Saw Cassel, and Kerr in the crowd. Walt Frazier took the cab we got out of. Missed out on #1 pick Blake Griffin. Went to eat at ESPN Zone planning to return but never did.
  • Went to pretty much all the casinos. stayed up till 5 each night like an addict. tried collecting $1 chips from every Casino
Missed Opp
  • Cousins went clubbing both nights, Pure and Prive. missed the first to hang with cousins' cousin expecting to club the second night until diarrohea put an end to that. Regretted not clubbing or even going to Spearmint but had planned to go there after winning $$$ at the Wynn. Was up $250 first night. Up $500 more the next day. Threw up big time and proceeded to lose $400 after that. Went to sh!t literally = no str!p clubs. still went hard.
  • got home at 2am, happy with my effort under fire then through up after i thought i beat it. still went out with my reserve $100 hoping to win $$$ to Spearmint. lost it. looking at it though. Even if i had won $$$$ i probably wouldn't have been able to hand a lappy in that condition unless u like scat pron.
  • all in all. had i called it quits at the right time i would have broken even for the whole trip. as it was i broke even as if i had never even done anything at Vegas. eh - thats gambling fo ya.
Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica Pier, Venice beach
  • boutique window shopping
  • Hop on Hop off bus
  • kodak theatre, all that touristy stuff
  • Went to Comedy at the Laugh Factory. Dane Cook was just hanging out the back, limo out front.
  • Went to a book reading with Howard Dean at bookshop on Sunset
  • Went to str!p bar Demi Moore apparently used to research for her movie
Missed Opp
  • Didn't get to eat at Ashton Kutcher's restaurant with the cousins - 'Ketchup'
  • no "extras" at the str!p bar. it was pretty cheap too. didn't even make it rain. was down to the wire cash wise and decided not to withdraw. literally and figuratively. it is fun though just trying to milk it but had to let them down soon enough so as to not have to give a tip. best line evah = blck girl rubbing you saying "do u want to be a blowjob winner?" ummmm.

Oct 18, 2010

Interstate Audits: Adelaide, Melbourne and Byron Bay

Night time shenanigans in Adelaide
Adelaide February 2010
went straight after work monday 4am
Mon - watched superbowl at sports bar with Nawlinians/ stumbled onto comedy/won at casino/spent it at Red light

Tues - trammed to Glenelg beach (weaksauce but apparently the best beach) u need a car for the other beaches/ went to the cricket/ then the new Michael Moore movie at Moonlight cinema

Wed- murray river day tour/ bbq at hostel then terrorising the city afterwards

Thurs - Rain. Did chores and tried to get "Canada runs Adelaide"shirts made up for the BC3, North Bay and myself.
Coffee and Crates. Typical Melbourne.
Melbourne, April 2010
  • Checked in. Met 2 of my roommates Chris from Denver and Olivia from Liverpool
  • Eat at iconic Degraves lane. Hipsters, milkcrates, graff, good food, good company
  • Went out to Fitzroy with said new best buddies. Walking past the stadiums and through Fitzroy Gardens.
  • We all took turns trying to do forward rolls in the grass. They helped me with my technique.
  • Went up Brunswick St. Stores like Swindle (Obey Giant). Had a beer at the ’Black Cat bar. Dope street. Uber trendy.
  • Met two girls at the Rooftop of the hostel – Salome from Switzerland and Linda from Germany
  • We “goon” it up along the Yarra river under the moonlight with Salome/Linda/Olivia/Chris/Me. FYI “Gooning” is an Aussie backpacker tradition where you buy Box wine and get wasted on it. Cheap backpacker stylee.
  • A dozen rowers pull up in front of us, looked like the dead rowers from Pirates of the Caribbean 2”
  • A random person is playing guitar 50 metres away singing at the full moon. We thought it was a weird bald guy but actually a tomboy from the UK named Travis. We approach her. She serenades us for half an hour playing Sum 41, Eric Clapton and the Beatles amongst others.
  • Together with Travis we are now 6 strong and go to the [backpacker] pub and dance the night away

  • The Melbourne 5 (Chris, Olivia, Salome, Linda and I) are off to famous Chapel St, Prahran. John Safran’s favourite Street
  • Walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens to get there. I reopen a scab hopelessly failing to climb a tree. Scab occurred from previous drunken Sydney tree climbing. Bleeding badly.
  • We have $7 Thai meals on Toorak Rd
  • We cafĂ© it up on Chapel St. We are seated next to a table full of Bandido bikies.
  • Visit Obese records. ‘Melburn’ shirts (Burn Crew) unfortunately out of stock
  • Ask heads behind the counter for venues to visit for hiphop. Salome likes hiphop
  • See Olivia off. She is catching a train to Sydney
  • Meet up with Cate (Canada) and her uni friends at night for free Comedy at Spleen Bar. Cate is a cool friend I made from Adelaide backpacking. We are also there with roommates Francois and Justine. That makes 7 of us plus Cate and her 4 mates = 12 comedy watchers.
  • Good night of comedy. Cate and crew leave for home, Chris and I wait to see them off. Salome, Linda and Francois get a headstart to hiphop venue ‘Miss Libertine’
  • The crew never make it, they text saying they are going home. Me and Chris give up looking for the place. But accidentally stumble on it anyway. Pretty hip venue with heads. Didn’t look to social so we move on. Off to Goldfingers’ mission.
  • Alfred and the Getaway boys had been in Melbourne the days previous. Asked him to leave me a package with coordinates. His text reads “Yo. Goldfingers [Gentleman’s club], up the stairs, turn left, find the armchair in the corner… it’s stuffed between the seat cushion and the seat back… good luck ;-)”
  • Off to Goldfingers. Thought it was was on Little Collins St, would later find out that was address to “Goldfingers Facilities corporation(?)” We see a corner club that says ‘GP’ in fancy writing. Looks kinda like a strip club or a Russian mafia room/Cigar club. We are unsure. We sheepishly walk up to door. A passerby confidently rolls in and says:

    Melbournians: Boys. You’re at the right place
    Us: So this is Goldfingers?
    M: haha hahaha (gives us directions)
    Us: What is this place anyway?
    M: The ‘Gin Palace’
    We end up going in and checking it out anyway, stay there for an hour chatting with that guy and his mate. Random detour.
  • Now we go to Goldfingers. Can’t find the package. Looked through around 7 seats. Bug Fred, no response. Get private show from Bella.

  • Go to Victoria Markets with Chris. Chores mostly. Chris organises his trip. He buys comedy tickets for that evening. I bought tix in Sydney
  • Go to St Kilda, Luna Park
  • Forgo the pubcrawl organised by Hostel. We (Salome, Linda, Chris and I) go to Gallery opening for Niagara’s latest collection at Ubercool ‘Outre Gallery’. Free beer. Awesome art. Cool kids.
  • Rockabilly chicks and Detroit Rock and Rollers. Phwoar! At first we are in awe. We take photos and now we just be chilin. Talk heaps, one girl invites herself to our shenanigans tomorrow - we planned to go to Melbourne uni for Marxism conference
  • We play games with the door lady where we have to guess the person that she is describing i.e which one is the gallery owner? Which is the artist? She suggests cool venues for us to check out (Cookie)
  • We head off to comedy - Headliners showcase. I am hanging out for Todd Barry (comedy veteran and actor in ‘The Wrestler’) and Christian Finnegan (funny comedian I enjoyed in NY). Chris and I sit at front thus singled out a few times. Todd Barry offers his tram pass, I score it. Finnegan has a joke about specifically visualising a person masturbating he uses me for that joke. Should have got Barry to sign his tram pass. They made themselves available. Didn’t approach them.
  • We walk around to party. Its Thurs before long weekend, city is buzzin. We head into Cookie after half an hour of anxiety not knowing where to go.
  • ‘Cookie’ is fun. Obviously a cool venue where the kids hang out. Ummm bump into Max. He says he might be down for beer the next day

  • Ring up Rakkel (Rockabilly chick) and Max in the morn. Both pike out due too late all night drinking and late nights
  • We go Melb Uni. The Marxism conference cost money which is ghey.
  • We go to Lygon Street admire the fancy food. Eat Souvlaki
  • Chris and I say our goodbyes to the girls for good. They want to walk home, we tram. See Chris off, he’s catching a plane to Sydney
  • Walk around city by myself, a taste of what the worst case scenario of the trip could’ve been. 5 hours till my flight. Stumble on some graff being put up by a French crew in one of the lanes. Checked out ACMI exhibitions at Fed Square. Watched Free Comedy outside Fed Square
  • Successfully avoided Casino the whole trip. The closest I got to Crown was gooning Tuesday.
  • Home. Chris and Olivia are in Sydney. To be continued...
Post Melbourne Hanging includes
  • Olivia and Co, Laura, and Slovenians go to comedy @World Bar. Too late. But we have alcoholic tea and chats.
  • Hanging out with Chris @Scary Canary, meeting up w/ Olivia @Sidebar, Walking to Russell Crowe's and Harry's Pie where we conversate with drunken homeless(?) people
  • Met UK birds Laz and Saz where we have adventures like 'Scenic Gooning®', drinking card games at the hostel, driving them to the Gap where we have ice cream, @Sidebar and @Scubar

Screaming into the abyss. Minyon Falls, NSW
Byron Bay, August 2010
  • Arrive at Gold Coast Airport. Shuttle to Arts Factory Lodge in Byron
  • Went exploring around hostel then town. Met up with Bassy formerly from work and his mate Tom.
  • Played pool and had pizza at the RSL. Bought Goon and drank by the beach.
  • Tom planned shenanigans for the evening, walked for 30min for random pick up.
  • Driven out to den 20min away. Then for some unknown reason we walked out of this person's house and proceeded to walk for 6hours completely Hunter S Thompsoned. Failing to hitchhike and generally just meandering.
  • Got picked up by the original car that drove us to the house many hours later where we were dropped at Tom's house.
  • Tom had been threatening to leave Byron on our walking trip[ping]. With little fanfare, Bassy and I knackered. Tom and our Driver drop us off at Bassy's house then proceed to the Airport where they Good Will Hunting it out to Melbourne. Tom has made a possibly life changing move within 24hrs of meeting him.

  • Wake up and Bassy Votes in the election. Meet his mate who impressively has written out all 50 preference votes. We think about photocopying his list to distribute. We never did.
  • Go swimming at Tallows beach. Eat a falafel near the shore. Bass drops me off at Lighthouse where I do my own sight seeing by walking from here to the hostel. See dolphins and Whales.
  • Finally settle into my hostel room where I meet my roommates. Decide on Cheeky Monkeys for the night's festivities
  • Ate at Cheeky's with Volt (Dutch) as my main running mate. We drink. We dance on the tables as is custom. A girl collapses and stays on the ground for almost an hour. Whuh?

  • Had breakfast with Demian (German). Hung with him as he waited for his bus.
  • Got picked up by Bassy where we went to the Byron Markets to sample the authentic vegetarian cuisine and hippy wares.
  • Drove out to Minyon Falls. Locals apparently don't bother with the renowned Nimbin Bay. Thus we didn't.
  • Explored the falls from the Cliff edge. Car stalled on the way back and we waited 2hrs for NRMA. Bummer
  • Got home to a glorious home cooked Dinner with Bassy's awesome parentals.
  • Watched 'Yes Man'

  • Driven to lookout to see whales and explore the town's sights
  • Mostly read books and watched DVDs from Parental's new age collection. Read: Very Byron Bay. 1 Giant Leap etc...
  • Had dinner out with Bassy and his mum
  • Driven to the Goldie to fly home

Oct 17, 2010

Home Music: Sage Francis and Buck 65 (2002 and 2010)

In early 2000, I regularly went to punk rock shows. Starting with bigger international acts then exploring the local underground hardcore shows. Halfway through this time I transitioned into exploring underground hiphop after bumping into a school mate at a party who had been around that scene.

Sage Francis @Hopetoun Hotel was the first underground Hiphop show that started my affair with that scene. Months later Buck 65 @Basement would go down as my 2nd favourite Hiphop gig of all time.

Fast forward to 2010 almost 8 years later and both artists have returned to Sydney. Both shows from 2002 hold a sentimental place in my heart. Many friends who I regularly went to gigs with stopped going to shows. Like myself they would be attending these upcoming shows and reviving forgotten habits. For the most part these friends remain in my life but spending time with them in this context is a distant memory. It is a reunion of sorts. Coming full circle.

For this I post, I had hoped that the almighty Google would help me with the original dates of the Sage and Buck nights. Maybe a blog posting or a review of that evening. Photos, flyer art. Anything! But alas no luck. I wanted to see a memento of those nights and juxtapose them with these recent memories many years on - "Before and After" shots. I guess you're supposed to capture them yourselves, as the old saying goes "If you want something done right...".

I guess my mood in regards to this can be summed up by the latest Sage Francis clip - particularly the imagery with the coffin...

VIDEO: 'The Best Of Times' by Sage Francis

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- Coolspotting in Melbourne: "Melbournelandia" Vegan eats, Punk Rock and Comedy

Oct 12, 2010

'The Good Life' NBA Fantasy league Draft results

'The Good Life Fun Police' Team logo
This nerdiness is sure to end my going out streak.

(18) The Bad News Bears - Stephen Curry PG
(38) The Bad News Bears - Joakim Noah C
(58) The Bad News Bears - Paul Millsap PF
(78) The Bad News Bears - Jrue Holiday PG
(98) The Bad News Bears - Marcus Thornton SG
(103) The Bad News Bears - Tyrus Thomas PF
(138) The Bad News Bears - James Harden SG
(143) The Bad News Bears - Carlos Delfino SF
(178) The Bad News Bears - Martell Webster SF
(183) The Bad News Bears - Jermaine O'Neal C
(218) The Bad News Bears - Derek Fisher PG (internet dropped out)
(223) The Bad News Bears - Ed Davis PF
(258) The Bad News Bears - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute SF (dropped for Chris Duhon)
Round: 1
(1) Kiss the Rim - Dwight Howard C
(2) The Randolphs - Zach Randolph PF
(3) KONOHA FIRE - Monta Ellis PG
(4) Juvenile Committee - Kevin Garnett PF
(5) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Rudy Gay SF
(6) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Jason Kidd PG
(7) (Name Under Construction) - Dirk Nowitzki PF
(8) Blacktown Cream Team - David Lee PF
(9) GLEN WOOD - O.J. Mayo SG
(10) Moscow Maulers - LeBron James SF
(11) Bayside Brawlers - Amare Stoudemire C
(12) Penrith Pedophiles - John Wall PG
(13) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Steve Nash PG
(14) Dominique's Highlight Film - Josh Smith PF
(15) Team GSV - Chris Paul PG
(16) Mang Tomas - Deron Williams PG
(17) TEAM KILLA - Dwyane Wade SG
** (18) The Bad News Bears - Stephen Curry PG
(19) Homo Erotic - Kobe Bryant SG
(20) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Danny Granger SF

Round: 2
(21) Kiss the Rim - Aaron Brooks PG
(22) The Randolphs - Tyreke Evans PG
(23) KONOHA FIRE - Pau Gasol PF
(24) Juvenile Committee - Antawn Jamison PF
(25) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Andray Blatche PF
(26) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Manu Ginobili SG
(27) (Name Under Construction) - Andre Iguodala SG
(28) Blacktown Cream Team - Kevin Love PF
(29) GLEN WOOD - Mike Conley PG
(30) Moscow Maulers - Samuel Dalembert C
(31) Bayside Brawlers - Gilbert Arenas PG
(32) Penrith Pedophiles - Blake Griffin PF
(33) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Al Jefferson C
(34) Dominique's Highlight Film - Rajon Rondo PG
(35) Team GSV - Troy Murphy PF
(36) Mang Tomas - Al Horford C
(37) TEAM KILLA - Raymond Felton PG
** (38) The Bad News Bears - Joakim Noah C
(39) Homo Erotic - Chauncey Billups PG
(40) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Joe Johnson SG

Round: 3
(41) Kiss the Rim - Danilo Gallinari SF
(42) The Randolphs - Anthony Randolph PF
(43) KONOHA FIRE - Andrew Bynum C
(44) Juvenile Committee - Tony Parker PG
(45) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Corey Maggette SF
(46) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Ben Gordon SG
(47) (Name Under Construction) - Russell Westbrook PG
(48) Blacktown Cream Team - Derrick Rose PG
(49) GLEN WOOD - Brandon Jennings PG
(50) Moscow Maulers - Carmelo Anthony SF
(51) Bayside Brawlers - Gerald Wallace SF
(52) Penrith Pedophiles - Kevin Martin SG
(53) Bella Vista Trending Upward - David West PF
(54) Dominique's Highlight Film - Chris Kaman C
(55) Team GSV - Stephen Jackson SG
(56) Mang Tomas - Brook Lopez C
(57) TEAM KILLA - Brendan Haywood C
** (58) The Bad News Bears - Paul Millsap PF
(59) Homo Erotic - Kevin Durant SF
(60) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Devin Harris PG

Round: 4
(61) Kiss the Rim - Nene C
(62) The Randolphs - Baron Davis PG
(63) KONOHA FIRE - Jason Richardson SG
(64) Juvenile Committee - Andrea Bargnani C
(65) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Paul Pierce SF
(66) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Rodney Stuckey PG
(67) (Name Under Construction) - Jeff Green PF
(68) Blacktown Cream Team - Jason Terry SG
(69) GLEN WOOD - Andris Biedrins C
(70) Moscow Maulers - Tim Duncan C
(71) Bayside Brawlers - Chris Bosh PF
(72) Penrith Pedophiles - Eric Gordon SG
(73) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Marc Gasol C
(74) Dominique's Highlight Film - Trevor Ariza SF
(75) Team GSV - JaVale McGee C
(76) Mang Tomas - Andrew Bogut C
(77) TEAM KILLA - Luis Scola PF
** (78) The Bad News Bears - Jrue Holiday PG
(79) Homo Erotic - Brandon Roy SG
(80) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Darren Collison PG

Round: 5
(81) Kiss the Rim - Roy Hibbert C
(82) The Randolphs - LaMarcus Aldridge PF
(83) KONOHA FIRE - Carlos Boozer PF
(84) Juvenile Committee - Michael Beasley SF
(85) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Marcus Camby C
(86) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Mo Williams PG
(87) (Name Under Construction) - Anderson Varejao PF
(88) Blacktown Cream Team - Luol Deng SF
(89) GLEN WOOD - Rashard Lewis PF
(90) Moscow Maulers - Lamar Odom PF
(91) Bayside Brawlers - Jamal Crawford SG
(92) Penrith Pedophiles - DeMarcus Cousins PF
(93) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Beno Udrih PG
(94) Dominique's Highlight Film - J.J. Hickson PF
(95) Team GSV - Carl Landry PF
(96) Mang Tomas - Hedo Turkoglu SF
(97) TEAM KILLA - Emeka Okafor C
** (98) The Bad News Bears - Marcus Thornton SG
(99) Homo Erotic - Caron Butler SF
(100) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Andrei Kirilenko SF

Round: 6
(101) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Vince Carter SG
(102) Homo Erotic - Yao Ming C
** (103) The Bad News Bears - Tyrus Thomas PF
(104) TEAM KILLA - Andre Miller PG
(105) Mang Tomas - Terrence Williams SF
(106) Team GSV - Linas Kleiza PF
(107) Dominique's Highlight Film - Wilson Chandler SF
(108) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Channing Frye PF
(109) Penrith Pedophiles - Jose Calderon PG
(110) Bayside Brawlers - Elton Brand PF
(111) Moscow Maulers - Udonis Haslem PF
(112) GLEN WOOD - Serge Ibaka C
(113) Blacktown Cream Team - J.R. Smith SG
(114) (Name Under Construction) - Lou Williams PG
(115) PANTY SNIFFER ! - John Salmons SG
(116) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Josh Childress SF
(117) Juvenile Committee - DeJuan Blair PF
(118) KONOHA FIRE - Ron Artest SF
(119) The Randolphs - Robin Lopez C
(120) Kiss the Rim - Ray Allen SG

Round: 7
(121) Kiss the Rim - Leandro Barbosa SG
(122) The Randolphs - Thaddeus Young SF
(123) KONOHA FIRE - Chris Andersen C
(124) Juvenile Committee - George Hill PG
(125) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Jameer Nelson PG
(126) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Mike Miller SF
(127) (Name Under Construction) - Anthony Morrow SG
(128) Blacktown Cream Team - Ramon Sessions PG
(129) GLEN WOOD - Al Harrington PF
(130) Moscow Maulers - Boris Diaw PF
(131) Bayside Brawlers - Derrick Favors PF
(132) Penrith Pedophiles - Wesley Johnson SF
(133) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Rodrigue Beaubois PG
(134) Dominique's Highlight Film - Nicolas Batum SF
(135) Team GSV - Spencer Hawes C
(136) Mang Tomas - Jarrett Jack PG
(137) TEAM KILLA - Greg Oden C
** (138) The Bad News Bears - James Harden SG
(139) Homo Erotic - Tayshaun Prince SF
(140) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Charlie Villanueva PF

Round: 8
(141) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Marvin Williams SF
(142) Homo Erotic - Kirk Hinrich SG
** (143) The Bad News Bears - Carlos Delfino SF
(144) TEAM KILLA - Jonny Flynn PG
(145) Mang Tomas - Mike Dunleavy SG
(146) Team GSV - Evan Turner SG
(147) Dominique's Highlight Film - Richard Hamilton SG
(148) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Tiago Splitter PF
(149) Penrith Pedophiles - Anthony Tolliver PF
(150) Bayside Brawlers - Kenyon Martin PF
(151) Moscow Maulers - Shawn Marion SF
(152) GLEN WOOD - Amir Johnson PF
(153) Blacktown Cream Team - Jason Thompson PF
(154) (Name Under Construction) - Brad Miller C
(155) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Mehmet Okur C
(156) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Darko Milicic C
(157) Juvenile Committee - Tyson Chandler C
(158) KONOHA FIRE - Joel Anthony C
(159) The Randolphs - D.J. Augustin PG
(160) Kiss the Rim - Ty Lawson PG

Round: 9
(161) Kiss the Rim - Jamario Moon SF
(162) The Randolphs - Josh Howard SG
(163) KONOHA FIRE - Jannero Pargo PG
(164) Juvenile Committee - Shaun Livingston PG
(165) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Richard Jefferson SF
(166) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Ersan Ilyasova SF
(167) (Name Under Construction) - Dorell Wright SF
(168) Blacktown Cream Team - Yi Jianlian PF
(169) GLEN WOOD - Kelenna Azubuike SF
(170) Moscow Maulers - Mike Bibby PG
(171) Bayside Brawlers - Wesley Matthews SG
(172) Penrith Pedophiles - Marreese Speights PF
(173) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Luke Ridnour PG
(174) Dominique's Highlight Film - Ben Wallace C
(175) Team GSV - Will Bynum PG
(176) Mang Tomas - Greg Monroe PF
(177) TEAM KILLA - Shane Battier SF
** (178) The Bad News Bears - Martell Webster SF
(179) Homo Erotic - Zydrunas Ilgauskas C
(180) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Goran Dragic PG

Round: 10
(181) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Travis Outlaw SF
(182) Homo Erotic - Drew Gooden PF
** (183) The Bad News Bears - Jermaine O'Neal C
(184) TEAM KILLA - Josh McRoberts PF
(185) Mang Tomas - Timofey Mozgov C
(186) Team GSV - DeMar DeRozan SG
(187) Dominique's Highlight Film - Courtney Lee SG
(188) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Reggie Williams SF
(189) Penrith Pedophiles - Mickael Pietrus SG
(190) Bayside Brawlers - Brandon Rush SG
(191) Moscow Maulers - Grant Hill SF
(192) GLEN WOOD - Matt Barnes SF
(193) Blacktown Cream Team - Nick Collison PF
(194) (Name Under Construction) - C.J. Miles SF
(195) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Corey Brewer SF
(196) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Raja Bell SG
(197) Juvenile Committee - Al Thornton SF
(198) KONOHA FIRE - Rasual Butler SG
(199) The Randolphs - Ronnie Brewer SG
(200) Kiss the Rim - Ronny Turiaf C

Round: 11
(201) Kiss the Rim - Kyle Lowry PG
(202) The Randolphs - Taj Gibson PF
(203) KONOHA FIRE - Joel Przybilla C
(204) Juvenile Committee - Daniel Gibson PG
(205) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Nazr Mohammed C
(206) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Shaquille O'Neal C
(207) (Name Under Construction) - DeAndre Jordan C
(208) Blacktown Cream Team - Rudy Fernandez SG
(209) GLEN WOOD - Nate Robinson PG
(210) Moscow Maulers - Jared Dudley SF
(211) Bayside Brawlers - Tracy McGrady SG
(212) Penrith Pedophiles - Thabo Sefolosha SG
(213) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Omri Casspi SF
(214) Dominique's Highlight Film - Jeff Teague PG
(215) Team GSV - Hakim Warrick PF
(216) Mang Tomas - Randy Foye SG
(217) TEAM KILLA - C.J. Watson PG
** (218) The Bad News Bears - Derek Fisher PG
(219) Homo Erotic - Kyle Korver SF
(220) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Peja Stojakovic SF

Round: 12
(221) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Ryan Hollins C
(222) Homo Erotic - Andres Nocioni SF
** (223) The Bad News Bears - Ed Davis PF
(224) TEAM KILLA - Ryan Gomes SF
(225) Mang Tomas - Steve Blake PG
(226) Team GSV - Toney Douglas PG
(227) Dominique's Highlight Film - Al-Farouq Aminu SF
(228) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Francisco Garcia SF
(229) Penrith Pedophiles - Chase Budinger SF
(230) Bayside Brawlers - Jordan Hill PF
(231) Moscow Maulers - J.J. Redick SG
(232) GLEN WOOD - Arron Afflalo SG
(233) Blacktown Cream Team - Hasheem Thabeet C
(234) (Name Under Construction) - Julian Wright SF
(235) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Brandan Wright PF
(236) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Jordan Farmar PG
(237) Juvenile Committee - Glen Davis PF
(238) KONOHA FIRE - Jonas Jerebko SF
(239) The Randolphs - Cole Aldrich C
(240) Kiss the Rim - Mario Chalmers PG

Round: 13
(241) Kiss the Rim - Erick Dampier C
(242) The Randolphs - Gordon Hayward SF
(243) KONOHA FIRE - Michael Redd SG
(244) Juvenile Committee - Anthony Parker SG
(245) I'M GONNA WIN THIS YEAR!!!! - Tyler Hansbrough PF
(246) PANTY SNIFFER ! - Quentin Richardson SF
(247) (Name Under Construction) - T.J. Ford PG
(248) Blacktown Cream Team - Chris Douglas-Roberts SG
(249) GLEN WOOD - Jason Williams PG
(250) Moscow Maulers - Carlos Arroyo PG
(251) Bayside Brawlers - Luke Babbitt SF
(252) Penrith Pedophiles - Ryan Anderson PF
(253) Bella Vista Trending Upward - Marco Belinelli SG
(254) Dominique's Highlight Film - Roger Mason SG
(255) Team GSV - Paul George SF
(256) Mang Tomas - Jerryd Bayless PG
(257) TEAM KILLA - Delonte West SG
** (258) The Bad News Bears - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute SF
(259) Homo Erotic - Chuck Hayes PF
(260) Lakers!!! DYNASTY - Matt Bonner PF
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Oct 6, 2010

A good rain knows when to fall...

Via Dear8lue's blog:
a good rain knows... or if this is my lie...
None of this is real, if it makes you feel any better. This tale was in no way true, but based on just a fiction... aren't they all? I was not here, nor there, and I have never really been anywhere before... Life has a way of underwhelming you that way... These have been nothing more than a collection of blurred photographs and borrowed words, for lack of my own. About everything we've forgotten to remember or cannot help but forget... But one should never trust the story-teller - only trust the story... For we all wear masks, and we all have tales... and we all must remain on this journey, still searching for a destination... But a good rain knows when to fall... all good things must come to an end, and all truths must be revealed, in time... For the first time in a long time, I can honestly say I have no regrets... for along the way, I discovered a world I knew nothing about... and it's a fabulous world after all...

I have heard it said that we are all, in reality, artists and liars. And that when we lie, we are in some ways revealing more of ourselves than we care to realise. For in those lies, we must create an entire world of our own devising. A world that in turn becomes wholey real in the telling. Wherein rest truths that we sometimes fail to recognise or do not wish to admit to ourselves...
Tell me your lie and I will tell you who you are...
If this is my lie, then who, in fact, am I...?

Oct 5, 2010

Night Shift RDO shenanigans off the top of my dome

wed - Make Way for Ducklings sketch comedy @Hermanns Bar, Went to Bondi/Tempe to tape Amazing Race application stuff with Sam
thurs - Last minute submission for Amazing Race Oz app, Moshe Kasher @Comedy Store, Samiyam @Tone
fri - Tigers game at Wests HQ, Buck 65 @Factory Theatre
thurs - Greenwood, Scruffy's, GoldFish, Badness w/ MMAmike
fri - Dubstep @Phoenix w/ Yagis, sprain ankle climbing a tree
sat - Watched 'I'm still here' at Dendy, some hostel hangin then Tigers game at Wests HQ
wed - Chats with Issa, End of comedy @Hermann's, Pastizzi @Newtown, hung with workies @Eastern, Bondi
thurs - Hostel hangin w/ Dennis, Incubator @Oxford Art Factory w/ JDilla, Watched Reefer Madness play @UNSW,
tues - Hostel Hangin, Comedy @Sugarmill KingsX, Arrive via Hostel bus then hung with germans/workies at Coyote Tuesdays @Gaff
wed - Dinner with Nate and Eli
wed - @Eastern with MMAmike
thurs - Food Festival at Hyde Park, Castle's bday @Lowenbrau then KingsX shenanigans

Oct 3, 2010

Home Movies: 'Total Recall' - Ego Trip (A vacation from yourself)

ego trip, total recall, travel, secret agent
Total Recall (1990)
What is it that is exactly the same about every single vacation you have ever taken?
McCLANE: You! You're the same. No matter where you go, there you are. It's always the same old you. Let me suggest that you take a vacation from yourself. I-I know it sounds wild. It is the latest thing in travel. We call it the Ego Trip.
Watch the clip here - Total Recall: Ego Trip explained

- Ego Tripping with American TG* in Portugal
- Ego Tripping with American TG* II in England
- Ego tripping with Slovakian DK* in Estonia
- Trigger: Day 350 (Ego Trip compilation)

Sep 21, 2010

Home Movies: 'Before Sunrise' - "I've never been anywhere" quote

Jesse: I know what you mean about wishing somebody wasn't there, though. It's just usually it's myself that I wish I could get away from. Seriously, think about this. I have never been anywhere that I haven't been. I've never had a kiss when I wasn't one of the kissers. Y'know, I've never, um, gone to the movies, when I wasn't there in the audience. I've never been out bowling, if I wasn't there, y'know making some stupid joke. I think that's why so many people hate themselves. Seriously, it's just they are sick to death of being around themselves.
I'd be lying if I told you this wasn't the main driver for wanting to 'Ego Trip'

VIDEO: Before Sunrise - Original Trailer

Starring: Ethan Hawke,Julie Delpy. Directed by Richard Linklater
Jesse: Let's say that you and I were together all the time, then you'd start to hate a lot of my mannerisms. The way every time we would have people over, uh, I'd be insecure, and I'd get a little too drunk. Or, uh, the way I'd tell the same stupid pseudo-intellectual story again, and again. Y'see, I've heard all those stories. So of course I'm sick of myself. But being with you, uh, it's made me feel like I'm somebody else.

The swimming mission

Went to the pool two weeks ago and did 20 laps (25m). It was arguably more laps than I've swum my whole life combined. Today I set an arbitrary goal of reaching 30 laps within an hour.

Had 4 laps to go with 6min left and pictured this whilst completing my mission

Sep 15, 2010

Smart Goals can help you achieve your goals

You guys know what Facebook is right?

Here is a nice app that I would recommend for those interested in Goal setting. It helps you put your social network to good use, by getting them to hold you accountable for your goals.

Find the site at and you can find a SmartGoals review here.

Let me know how the app goes for you.

Sep 12, 2010

Home Reads: 'The Artist in the Office' by Summer Pierre

Found this at Kinokuniya. My Birthday's coming up.
The Artist in the Office
From the introduction:
Day after day, this is how it goes: We get up, we get ready, and we go to work. We don’t ask why, we just do it. Then we spend our time at work in a sort of conscious slumber—we lose days to activities that sometimes don’t have meaning to us. Suddenly, we awaken and realize 8 hours or 5 days or whatever time is gone, and we can’t account for it. As a society we somehow accept that the majority of how we spend our lives will be like this. We save our living for after 5:00pm and weekends or holidays. We save our REAL selves for the cracks and corners of our off time. We think we have to do this in order to survive, but what do we do to actually LIVE?

This little book isn’t about not working, it’s about acknowledging the work we do. It’s about waking up in the life we inhabit NOW instead of putting off life for LATER. Inside you will find new ways to look at your job and daily life so that you can live more of what you want and less of what you don’t. We will also explore how to stay creative and motivated during any given workday (including things to do while you are at work), and how to focus and get your creative work done while keeping a job as well as your sanity. And just because it’s the elephant in the living room, we will also explore the exiting world of money, ideas for changing your job, and so much more! The Artist In the Office can help you THRIVE both at your creative work and at your day job. It may seem like you are living two lives, but I assure you: It is one life only—and it’s yours. Why not enjoy it all?

Sep 10, 2010

Sydney Underground Film Festival: Trash Humpers (The new film by Harmony Korine)

VIDEO: Trash Humpers (The new film by Harmony Korine)

Watched Harmony Korine's latest typically bizarre film at the 'Sydney Underground Film Festival'. Didn't really enjoy it because I didn't know what I was suppose to take away from it. Kept on waiting for it to make a point. Then it came to me. Relevant to what I'm going through right now.

"Randomness for the sake of randomness is numbing".

Sep 6, 2010

Philosophical Quotes as curated by my Parkour buddy

I recently reconnected with a good friend I hadn't seen since Uni days, a good 7 years ago. We bumped into each other at Parkour, its seemingly no accident that we've crossed each others paths because we might be on the same journey.

Quotes from my friend's Facecrack:
"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."
-Theodore Roosevelt

"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it."
- John Maxwell

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
- Walt Emerson

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
-Charles Darwin

"Revenge is a poison meant for others that we end up swallowing ourselves. "

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."
-Bruce Lee

Sep 2, 2010

Amazing Race Australia, who else is applying?

Who's applying for Amazing Race Australia. Just found out about it with only a few days to go before deadline.

The Amazing Race Australia Coming to Seven. Auditions Open.

Who wants to share application stories?

First thing that comes to mind, is that it would almost be futile to not come in with a striking angle. I would imagine the pool for the generic combinations would be ultra competitive:
Best friends, bf/gf, dad/gay son, gay lovers, mother/daugther, long distance relationship etc...

Sep 1, 2010

Opening night Film and Havana Club Fiesta done solo

Went to this...
Expect a night to remember at this year’s Sydney Latin American Film Festival Opening Night as we present Argentine hit A Matter of Principles. Join us at 6.30pm in the Dendy forecourt for tango, before the film’s director Rodrigo Grande introduces his hit film. A Q&A with the Director will follow the film.

The Havana Club Opening Night Fiesta is just a short stroll to Vivaz Nightclub where the energetic Watussi will rock your socks off. Enjoy a swathe of complimentary drinks from our sponsors Havana Club, Corona, Sauza and Argento Fine Wines.
Money quote: "Independence and loneliness are both sides of the same coin"

Aug 28, 2010

What's happening in Sydney, Can I come?

There are always things happening in a big city like Sydney, all the time everyday. You might not think so but if you keep your mind open to it, you'll find it.

Subcultures are cool, but often overlooked but equally as fascinating and diverse are different social groups. It makes for an interesting night to inhabit and infiltrate a different social group to what you're used to. On the way to work on a Saturday, It's interesting to see all the kids out to play.

So if you're having a Hen's night, part of a Japanese Marching band or attending a Costumed Harbour Cruise, Would you mind sending me an invite so I can see the world through your eyes?

Aug 26, 2010

Home Reads: 'Summer Blonde' by Adrian Tomine

JENNA: Wow... so you pretty much always write about yourself, huh?
MARTIN: Well, I change names and details, but yeah... I don't really know how to make stuff up.
JENNA: You ever put yourself in situations to get material?

A Day in the life of: Thursday August 26, 2010

Starting midnight
  • Tuned into FBI Radio as two comedian acquaintances announced they were doing the lateshift on Facecrack. Kept radio on all night.
  • Woke up to a TimeOut reporter listing What's on in Sydney on the the radio. Checked out TimeOut website to find possible places to eat. Found a banner ad for a magic show which was convenient as I'd been meaning to watch magic.
  • Went to Sevo RSL to see if I could gamble my way into winning the $50 needed for the Magic show. Lost. Withdrew more after promising not to, won what was needed and booked tickets online. Slippery slope!
  • Went to KX to visit a good high school mate. Walked into several galleries along the way and spoke to an exhibitor about his noir work
  • Hung at a cafe where I spoke to a person I recognised as a player from Impro. Mentioned a fundraiser he was helping out on that evening at Angel Pl. He was wearing a Team Zissou T-shirt
  • Impulsively jumped on a bus to Bondi. It stopped at Edgecliff however. Hung around Double Bay, purchasing a Graphic Novel to read by the water.
  • Back into city. Went to Kinokuniya bookstore marveling at Slinkachu's book. Bumped into old uni mate in the Graffiti section. Talked hiphop, design and work
  • Stumbled onto a person I'd been wondering about recently. She was an impromptu subject I made for an Andrew Denton project which I was humbly short-listed for. Exchanged deets.
  • Went to Angel Pl to see what the fundraiser was about. It had several performance art pieces. Example: A man puts on 3 pairs of glasses, sticky tapes his head tighlty whilst breathing heavily into his mic. Takes of all his clothes except the underwear and casually puts on a dress. He proceeds to sing a slowed down version of a Snoop Dogg party classic
  • Have a late dinner at a Popular Japanese eatery
  • Wrote this 'Day in the Life' of post
Eat - Ichiban Boshi
Magic - James Galea
Music - Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
Social - TimeOut Sydney
Read - 'Summer Blonde' by Adrian Tomine
Shop - Kinokuniya Books
Art - The Paper Mill
Evil - Gamblor!
Photo - Slinkachu
Wear - Team Zissou Tee
Funny - Ryan Withers of Mrs Funberries

Aug 17, 2010

'This American Life' on striving to be an "Everyday superhero"

From Google Chat
i get to salsa today among other stuff. workshop tonight. improv and scott pilgrim + new blogging
btw i read ur blog. i likey

or are you just being nice

its good.
only a small sample tho
u need more stuff.
i like the "how they don't think" at the beginning

yeah, looking to write 1 article per week

then i thought maybe why u i like animals is cuz they do cool shit w/out overthinking it like "shit i can fly"
like maybe you just like being a superhero minus the baggage of great responsibility = an animal

not really
i suppose the first part kind of
but i just find them fascinating
cos theyre so varied
all diferent shapes and sizes
variety is the spice

until ur blog i never realised that animals were so varied
its like comparing humans to all the mutants in the xmen. so much more than just distinctions between race, class etc...


must be kismet...
been wanting you to listen to 'this american life'...

yeah yeah ill get around to it one day

this weeks free mp3 -
--Cut and Pasted--
We answer the following questions about superpowers: Can superheroes be real people? (No.) Can real people become superheroes? (Maybe.) And which is better: flight or invisibility? (Depends who you ask.)

superhero, this american life
Act Two. Wonder Woman.

Kelly McEvers with the story of Zora, a self-made superhero. From the time she was five, Zora had recurring dreams in which she was a 6'5" warrior queen who could fly and shoot lightning from her hands. She made a list of all the skills she would need to master if she wanted to actually become the superhero she dreamed of being. Sample items: Martial arts, evasive driving and bomb diffusion. She actually checked off most things on the list...and then had a run-in with the CIA. (16 minutes)

Aug 16, 2010

The last few weeks, Top of my dome

mon- Nate/Eli's for Dinner... Home cooking, Japanese Plum wine and foreign flick
sun- Mad Mex/Victoria Room/Kudu at Darlinghurst
sat- Govinda's dinner and movie, Paddy O'Brien's/Star Bar
fri- Design Market's @PowerHouse, dinner with Nate + gang at East Ocean Chinese, clubbing with workies at Shanghai Nights @Brooklyn
thurs- sat in at Salsa workshop, Mic in Hand comedy w/ Cloud Girls
wed- Sam's 30th Bondi chats, cemetery walk
tues- Improv @Roxbury + Salsa @Establishment
mon- chats @Arthouse + Newtown eats
sun- City2Surf , UFC @Vbar, hung at Raffys
sat- bumped into Jonno, went to Scubar then played scrabble at Narita's
fri- Dubstep with Andy
thurs- MicinHand, Rub
wed- Jazz at Venue505
tues- Improv @Roxbury, PingPong @Dr Pong Salsa @establishment
mon- Hung with John from work, then James @Newtown
sat- Fishing for NMC day, Panther's with boys
fri- B's last day at work @Space
thurs- 'Fictionary' UNSW play + Smoker's room, karaoke chats, latin club @Lacita's
wed- Gambling at Sevo
tues- Improv Ikebanana night,
mon- Drinks at Duffy's with Workies, Hung with Geoff out west
sun- World press photo's before work (slept at Joe's), Sevo RSL
sat- 3wise Monkeys with Dennis, detour from Cisco's bday
fri- WokonInn with workies then Sharkies, detour from Laurence's bday
thurs- watched 'Greenberg' with cuz, hung with Cyrus (comedian friend), bumped into Kasia from work, Andy/Dennis Oxford walk to see Comedian Nick Sun's farewell,
wed - Sevo RSL
tues - improv
mon - reggae night @ Paddy McGuires
Sun - Strike Anywhere @ Gosford, slept at Supervisors
Sat - whole day at Snows
fri- work drinks + random drive to snows