Jul 29, 2011

Trigger: "One hell of a night" Rotterdam, Netherlands (Juli 26, 2011)

"How very nice and normal" - Rockwell Clothing
After a trip of a night jaunting around Rotterdam, we questioned whether this was an atypical evening. My running mates Du jour insisted that it was not standard and we were definitely in the company of some eccentric people.

Ken, a toothless Dutch-Kenyan assured us it was perfectly normal and asked, "Does it bother you? If it doesn't bother you then its probably normal". My friend wasn't fazed but wasn't convinced by the equation. Ken then pointed at the unattractive but enigmatic 50yr old with greased-back hair, donning a leather jacket and a Calvin and Hobbes "I'm the Best!" T-Shirt. "Tell me..." he began, "What do you think is normal for him?"

I realised the following morning, the distinction between finding something normal and it being natural.

It was one hell of a night! Interestingly it was exactly 11 months after a similarly noteworthy day in Sydney. As a first, I present a choice of two background theme songs to represent the two competing tones.

Soundtrack for the "Normal"
'Soundtrack 2 My Life' by KiD CuDi

Soundtrack for the "Natural"
'What a great night' by Hilltop Hoods

cantina, star wars, weird, aliens
kenya, obama, young
portlandia, weird, hipsters
ken watanabe, last samurai, asian
uma thurman, dance, pulp fiction, barefoot
susan ross, mother, drunk, seinfeld
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