Aug 26, 2010

A Day in the life of: Thursday August 26, 2010

Starting midnight
  • Tuned into FBI Radio as two comedian acquaintances announced they were doing the lateshift on Facecrack. Kept radio on all night.
  • Woke up to a TimeOut reporter listing What's on in Sydney on the the radio. Checked out TimeOut website to find possible places to eat. Found a banner ad for a magic show which was convenient as I'd been meaning to watch magic.
  • Went to Sevo RSL to see if I could gamble my way into winning the $50 needed for the Magic show. Lost. Withdrew more after promising not to, won what was needed and booked tickets online. Slippery slope!
  • Went to KX to visit a good high school mate. Walked into several galleries along the way and spoke to an exhibitor about his noir work
  • Hung at a cafe where I spoke to a person I recognised as a player from Impro. Mentioned a fundraiser he was helping out on that evening at Angel Pl. He was wearing a Team Zissou T-shirt
  • Impulsively jumped on a bus to Bondi. It stopped at Edgecliff however. Hung around Double Bay, purchasing a Graphic Novel to read by the water.
  • Back into city. Went to Kinokuniya bookstore marveling at Slinkachu's book. Bumped into old uni mate in the Graffiti section. Talked hiphop, design and work
  • Stumbled onto a person I'd been wondering about recently. She was an impromptu subject I made for an Andrew Denton project which I was humbly short-listed for. Exchanged deets.
  • Went to Angel Pl to see what the fundraiser was about. It had several performance art pieces. Example: A man puts on 3 pairs of glasses, sticky tapes his head tighlty whilst breathing heavily into his mic. Takes of all his clothes except the underwear and casually puts on a dress. He proceeds to sing a slowed down version of a Snoop Dogg party classic
  • Have a late dinner at a Popular Japanese eatery
  • Wrote this 'Day in the Life' of post
Eat - Ichiban Boshi
Magic - James Galea
Music - Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)
Social - TimeOut Sydney
Read - 'Summer Blonde' by Adrian Tomine
Shop - Kinokuniya Books
Art - The Paper Mill
Evil - Gamblor!
Photo - Slinkachu
Wear - Team Zissou Tee
Funny - Ryan Withers of Mrs Funberries

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