Oct 17, 2010

Home Music: Sage Francis and Buck 65 (2002 and 2010)

In early 2000, I regularly went to punk rock shows. Starting with bigger international acts then exploring the local underground hardcore shows. Halfway through this time I transitioned into exploring underground hiphop after bumping into a school mate at a party who had been around that scene.

Sage Francis @Hopetoun Hotel was the first underground Hiphop show that started my affair with that scene. Months later Buck 65 @Basement would go down as my 2nd favourite Hiphop gig of all time.

Fast forward to 2010 almost 8 years later and both artists have returned to Sydney. Both shows from 2002 hold a sentimental place in my heart. Many friends who I regularly went to gigs with stopped going to shows. Like myself they would be attending these upcoming shows and reviving forgotten habits. For the most part these friends remain in my life but spending time with them in this context is a distant memory. It is a reunion of sorts. Coming full circle.

For this I post, I had hoped that the almighty Google would help me with the original dates of the Sage and Buck nights. Maybe a blog posting or a review of that evening. Photos, flyer art. Anything! But alas no luck. I wanted to see a memento of those nights and juxtapose them with these recent memories many years on - "Before and After" shots. I guess you're supposed to capture them yourselves, as the old saying goes "If you want something done right...".

I guess my mood in regards to this can be summed up by the latest Sage Francis clip - particularly the imagery with the coffin...

VIDEO: 'The Best Of Times' by Sage Francis

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