May 29, 2011

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'Sell Out' by Reel Big Fish

After a typically incoherent LozInTranslation conversation,
this became the humming anthem for our Portugese Road Trip.


I don't know why I was being so coy the first time around.

Nike LunarRun in Lisboa
"And they're off!"
'Tudo Bom' Portugal-inspired custom ID: Nike LunarHaze+
On stage after winning the Lucky Draw for placing 76th
miradouro de são pedro de alcântara, nike running, lisboa
I came for the run. I stay for the afterparty

"Aaawwww for me? This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!"
I believe these are the second of three evolutions of my all-time fave shoe - Iverson's 'The Question'. I wish I was able to get Google to confirm it for me though.
Update: In actuality these were Reebok Emmitt Smith 'ES22'. A different sport altogether,

sintra, abandoned
TG* to the rescure
The Sneakers, so close yet so far
Going Macgyver to get the kicks
Emmitt Smith 'ES22' Signature shoe by Reebok
sintra, shoe, reebok, lisboa
Enshrined the shoe at a Sintra Wall facade

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