Aug 31, 2011

Trigger: Egotripping II - England, on the road again

Soundtrack for "Ego Tripping II"
'On the Road Again' by Canned Heat

Co-star and Cinematographer, Todd Geasland

London > Bournemouth > Brighton > Notting Hill.
Flat caps and suits. Sunset drives. Red-handed trespassing. Drunken messes. Work carpooling. Longboarding and ball. Lesbian chillin and workplace scavenger hunts. Pyratrix and Little Red Rioting Hoodies. Mod conventioneers. Couchsurf hangs. Joie de vivre. Skipping. Absurd late night show-ups. Notting Hill Festival.

Part I was in Portugal but the "studios" commissioned a sequel. How Hollywood!

- What is an Ego-Trip?
- Ego Tripping with American TG* in Portugal
- Ego Tripping with American TG* II in England
- Ego tripping with Slovakian DK* in Estonia

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