Nov 3, 2010

Final Audit on both sides of 30

Off the top of my Dome in reverse chronological order
T - Oprah House, MCA, BJ Penn@ Star, JayZ + U2 @AcerArena
M - Swimmin and loungin @Cronulla Beach then Northies
S - Drinks and supposed-to-be UFC @Cheers, Dancing @ScaryCanary with Eric and Aaron. Night Parkour @Pyrmont Park
S - Xmas Function Blackjack gig @Bayview Boulevard Hotel, Darlinghurst
F - With Workies: Korean eats @Arisan, Dancing + Drinks @Sharkies, Tug
T - Video Games + Gamblor
W - Beach @Tamarama, Project52 Comedy @Hermanns Bar
T - Improv @Roxbury w/ Sis. MEt up with Robin and Eric
M - Eats @Bettys Soup Kitchen and Drinks @Shady Pines with MeanJean
S - Arcade
S - Eats @Scruffys with Alex
F - Overtime, Dubstep @Gaff
T - MicinHand, Chingalings, Wold Cup bid live site in Rodman costume, apparently I got on some TV and online
W - Overtime
T - Ball then Granville Chicken with workies, Watched 'Due Date', snuck into HP4
M - Went to Jay's to design then workout/sparring session
S - Drinks with Esteban/Andrea @Oscars, hung w Gerome/Fred
S - City fireworks, Clair's bday @Retro
F - Jean Grae/Pharoah Monche w Fred @Metro, Cheers with workies
T - Kevin's Art opening @Mils Gallery, Eats @Madison with Kev's crew, Denise and sis, Chingalings
W - Hung at Yagis
T - Meeting with Jay, Ball with workies, Watched 'Skyline' movie
M - Helped Kevin with his art exhibition
S - UFC 123 at Cheers
S - Harbourside fireworks and theatre, Went to 3WMonkeys and The Loft with Fred
F - SharkBar and Space with workies, Gambling mess at Silks
T - Coogee Beach, followed Guide book to Billy Kwong's
W - Danny Green fight @KingsX Dubstep @World Bar
T - Improv workshop and show, went to Establishment with American met that night
M- Overtime
S - Dressed as Dennis Rodman for Staff Party Cruise, afterparty PBH, crashed at Aaron dope pad
S - Drinks @QuayBar for Jerusha's, Warehouse party @Shirlow St Sydneyham
F - Costume hunting @Paddys, Coffee with random bump-in with Dennies, 'We are what we are' @Hola Mexico Film Festival
T - Bondi Beach, Drinks @Chingaling, Eats @Lounge
W - Chats with Issa
T - Improv @Roxbury, Views of City @Blu Shangri-La, Salsa @Establishment, Eats @City Extra
M - Reggae via tag-along and hookups with Eric and his mates @Basement Circular Quay
S - Drinks and Pizza for Dennis Farewell @HCB
S - Drinking games @HCB Hostel then Gaff for Dennis' Farewell. Slept at Hostel.
F - 'Machete' Premier @Dendy Cinemas, Partying with HCBackpackers crew @Rouge KingsX
T - Dinner with Nate/Eli/Anita @Samurai in Balmain. Went to TigersHQ. Missed opp: Awesome MicinHand lineup
W - Gallery Opening @Paper Mill. Beer Ponged at Wet Wednesday @Scary Canary
T - [Word in Hand] Poetry Slam @Friend in Hand. Partied @The Gaff
M - Hung at Fred's. Reggae @Paddy Maguires on a Rainy day
S - Drink @Oscars. Stumbled on Salsa @Docks. Rockin out @3 Wise Monkeys
S - Went to HalfSleeve 3 on 3 @Maybank Courts before work. Nate's Birthday chats
F - Dinner @Sean's Kitchen with Fam
T - Rock Climbing @St Peters. Hung with Sam, Marnie, Burga + Webber @Newtown and Erskineville
W - Dinner @House with The NMC. Hangin and Improv @Dr Pongs. HipHop @Flinders Hotel
T - Turned 30 hanging with Sam and Marnie. Roamed Bondi and Pancakes @The Rocks
M - 'Social Network' Preview Screening with German hostel kids. Snuck into 'Paranormal Activities 2' afterwards. Partied @Sidebar
S - UFC 121 @Cheers
S - @Sevo RSL
F - Hung with Nate, thought I had work when I had none. Komachi. Pocket Bar. Drinks @The Ivy, Clubbing @Tank
T - Eats @Menja Stumbled on Gallery @Chippendale

Castle's BDay @Lowenbrau. Clubs and Strips @KingsX. The Eastern.

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