Oct 5, 2010

Night Shift RDO shenanigans off the top of my dome

wed - Make Way for Ducklings sketch comedy @Hermanns Bar, Went to Bondi/Tempe to tape Amazing Race application stuff with Sam
thurs - Last minute submission for Amazing Race Oz app, Moshe Kasher @Comedy Store, Samiyam @Tone
fri - Tigers game at Wests HQ, Buck 65 @Factory Theatre
thurs - Greenwood, Scruffy's, GoldFish, Badness w/ MMAmike
fri - Dubstep @Phoenix w/ Yagis, sprain ankle climbing a tree
sat - Watched 'I'm still here' at Dendy, some hostel hangin then Tigers game at Wests HQ
wed - Chats with Issa, End of comedy @Hermann's, Pastizzi @Newtown, hung with workies @Eastern, Bondi
thurs - Hostel hangin w/ Dennis, Incubator @Oxford Art Factory w/ JDilla, Watched Reefer Madness play @UNSW,
tues - Hostel Hangin, Comedy @Sugarmill KingsX, Arrive via Hostel bus then hung with germans/workies at Coyote Tuesdays @Gaff
wed - Dinner with Nate and Eli
wed - @Eastern with MMAmike
thurs - Food Festival at Hyde Park, Castle's bday @Lowenbrau then KingsX shenanigans

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