Oct 24, 2010

The original 'Loz in Translation' Festival (Nov 2009)

W - Randomly bumped into RB @Kinokuniya then went for walk and chats, hung out with Nate
Th - Beach
F - Def Wish Cast @Beach Rd
Sa - went to 'Hulkamania' wrestling. Bumped into J.Lim and his mate
Su - Bondi shenanigans with Fred and Gerome
M - Visited good mate Sam at Tempe
Tu - Stumbled on UTS Grad show on the way to Fred's. Then Coyote Tuesdays @Gaff
W - Green/Jones fight, slept at bros in Kings X
Th - Burger fuel, Kings X, Bondi swim hung out with kevin, bar hopping with Geoff then met up with Gerome at Sheaf and went to house party til 6 in the morn
F - Did the Mario Golden coin search to no avail, went to Finders Keepers gallery bumped into Nate, a family friend, Burgatron and a design mate. Had drinks with Nate and his crew. Met up w/Fred and went to Pure Platinum
Sa - Walked around city with Andy-Star
Su - Watched 'Where the Wild Things are'
M - Met up with fred n jay for sushi
Tu - Stand up comedy @Laugh Garage. Met some comedians who performed
W - Bumped into workmate I recognized but had never met. Joined his crew for drinks, pizza and Internet Cafe Lan party. Bumped into a Comedian from day before whilst waiting for bus @TownHallSteps. Chatted.

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