Oct 20, 2010

July 2009: America audit (NY, Chi, LA, Mia, LV)

  • Everglades on that fan boat
  • Mostly fam stuff
  • ferried around and saw celeb mansions
  • Watched UFC 100 at Hooters
Missed Opp
  • Ummm who goes to Miami and doesn't even see South Beach? Yeah when you're staying with fam in the burbs it can happen. No biggie, good excuse to come back
  • Zo's summer jam was on the day we flew out. Charity basketball event featuring Dwade, Lebron etc...
  • Dang latinas be fine

New York
  • Met up with comedian, backstage at Sirius Studios, followed by going backstage and watching a Taping of The Colbert Report. This experience unfortunately clashed with Letterman which my cousins watched without me.
  • Met up with another comedian, went backstage at AAR Studios. Turns out it would be their penultimate show
  • boutique window shopping (DQM, Supreme)
  • Went to 'Forbidden Planet' comic store in Union Square
  • went up EmpireSB, Went to Ellis Island and Liberty Island
  • Saw comedy at Comic Strip Live
  • Checked out JayZ's Club (40/40), but it was NAACP night. so old Bill Russell like people and we were the only non blacks
  • Drank at Sky Garden style bar overlooking Empire
  • Kayaking down chicago river
  • Went to Six Flags by limo. Spent the Day
  • beautiful parks and museums, a lot of Dark Knight was filmed here - mayor's office, all the tunnel car chases
  • Missed our flight to Vegas due to dumba55ness. wasted money and time, thankfully we could stay at Aunts
  • Went to Improv Comedy. Not the name one i wanted to see (Second City) but was fun. I actually got up on stage for the 'open' session. Was like a deer in headlights. I did have one good line though that was one of the better applause lines for the night. i got a trophy for it.
  • Bar hopping, Cousin driving us around. Checked out speakeasy style bar where some of 'Public Enemies' was shot
Las Vegas
  • Shopping at outlets and buffeting
  • Went to NBA Summer League. We got in through dodgy scalpers who gave us a $10 discount from $25. Saw number #2 pick and Sota's Jonny Flynn play. Saw Cassel, and Kerr in the crowd. Walt Frazier took the cab we got out of. Missed out on #1 pick Blake Griffin. Went to eat at ESPN Zone planning to return but never did.
  • Went to pretty much all the casinos. stayed up till 5 each night like an addict. tried collecting $1 chips from every Casino
Missed Opp
  • Cousins went clubbing both nights, Pure and Prive. missed the first to hang with cousins' cousin expecting to club the second night until diarrohea put an end to that. Regretted not clubbing or even going to Spearmint but had planned to go there after winning $$$ at the Wynn. Was up $250 first night. Up $500 more the next day. Threw up big time and proceeded to lose $400 after that. Went to sh!t literally = no str!p clubs. still went hard.
  • got home at 2am, happy with my effort under fire then through up after i thought i beat it. still went out with my reserve $100 hoping to win $$$ to Spearmint. lost it. looking at it though. Even if i had won $$$$ i probably wouldn't have been able to hand a lappy in that condition unless u like scat pron.
  • all in all. had i called it quits at the right time i would have broken even for the whole trip. as it was i broke even as if i had never even done anything at Vegas. eh - thats gambling fo ya.
Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica Pier, Venice beach
  • boutique window shopping
  • Hop on Hop off bus
  • kodak theatre, all that touristy stuff
  • Went to Comedy at the Laugh Factory. Dane Cook was just hanging out the back, limo out front.
  • Went to a book reading with Howard Dean at bookshop on Sunset
  • Went to str!p bar Demi Moore apparently used to research for her movie
Missed Opp
  • Didn't get to eat at Ashton Kutcher's restaurant with the cousins - 'Ketchup'
  • no "extras" at the str!p bar. it was pretty cheap too. didn't even make it rain. was down to the wire cash wise and decided not to withdraw. literally and figuratively. it is fun though just trying to milk it but had to let them down soon enough so as to not have to give a tip. best line evah = blck girl rubbing you saying "do u want to be a blowjob winner?" ummmm.

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