Sep 12, 2010

Home Reads: 'The Artist in the Office' by Summer Pierre

Found this at Kinokuniya. My Birthday's coming up.
The Artist in the Office
From the introduction:
Day after day, this is how it goes: We get up, we get ready, and we go to work. We don’t ask why, we just do it. Then we spend our time at work in a sort of conscious slumber—we lose days to activities that sometimes don’t have meaning to us. Suddenly, we awaken and realize 8 hours or 5 days or whatever time is gone, and we can’t account for it. As a society we somehow accept that the majority of how we spend our lives will be like this. We save our living for after 5:00pm and weekends or holidays. We save our REAL selves for the cracks and corners of our off time. We think we have to do this in order to survive, but what do we do to actually LIVE?

This little book isn’t about not working, it’s about acknowledging the work we do. It’s about waking up in the life we inhabit NOW instead of putting off life for LATER. Inside you will find new ways to look at your job and daily life so that you can live more of what you want and less of what you don’t. We will also explore how to stay creative and motivated during any given workday (including things to do while you are at work), and how to focus and get your creative work done while keeping a job as well as your sanity. And just because it’s the elephant in the living room, we will also explore the exiting world of money, ideas for changing your job, and so much more! The Artist In the Office can help you THRIVE both at your creative work and at your day job. It may seem like you are living two lives, but I assure you: It is one life only—and it’s yours. Why not enjoy it all?

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