Jan 14, 2012

Mixtape: 'Loz in Translation' Sampler II (Turkey)

My original Mixtape Sampler was set in Spain, early into my trip. Its been a long time coming but I'm compelled to compile a new one for scenic Turkey.
  1. A question answered with a quote
  2. Other People' stories
  3. Road Reading
  4. Road Music
  5. Road Movies
  6. Spotted
1. A question answered with a quote

I'm happy now so I'm prepared. Bring on the pain whilst I'm ready for it

Has it defeated you?
2. Other People's stories:
VIDEO: Kurt Angle takes down Brian Kilmeade
KURT ANGLE: I never got to soak it in. I don't remember the Olympics. I don't remember the opening ceremonies. I don't remember enjoying the Olympic Village. I don't remmber winning the Gold Medal. I don't remembe-- All I remember is having a sense of relief.

I made it a job. I put a lot of pressure on myself. So much pressure that I lost a lot of sleep, a lot of weight. I lost 8 years of my life that I don't remember. This time around I want to soak it in, I want to enjoy the experience.
I'm a wrestling fan. Just like podcasting its one of the few habits I indulge in whilst on the road to keep me feeling connected to home and normalcy. This sentiment dovetails with my resolution to be more conscious and live in the moment. Its mindboggling to imagine that a seminal point in one's life, a moment that ultimately changed its course can be forgotten and leave behind little feeling.
3. Road reading:
"Memory is Fiction"
- Keith Richards
This captivating biography was on the Hostel bookshelves, I've been reading it whilst soaking in the breathtaking Antalya vistas. This review from the New Yorker captures its spirit beautifully "it’s an entertaining, rambling monologue, a slurry romp through the life of a man who knew every pleasure, denied himself nothing, and never paid the price". Jeeeealous.
4. Road Music:

VIDEO: 'Hep Yaşın 19' by Mfö
I've been enjoying the guerilla aesthetic of the new school 'Black Eyed Peas' music videos. I'm a fan of the understated glamour that exudes from documentary style video clips. Whilst enjoying a Turkish Breakfast, I happened across this Turkish Rock video that mirrors BEP's 'Just Can't Get Enough'. Both videos capture the energy tempered by the melancholy that comes with being on the road
5. Road Movies

VIDEO: An Idea can transform the world - Inception Movie Trailer
I've been running into cyclists around Turkey, so far a Japanese man and a New Zealander both with long term missions spanning years. The New Zealander was cycling home to the Auckland after living in London for 10 years. He's aiming to be back by May 2013.

The Kiwi explained to me how on his second date with a prospective long-term partner, knowing he'd inevitably be embarking on this epic journey he conceded "I want to be honest with you - I have this idea..."

I laughed knowingly. I thought of 'Inception' (2010).

Update 2015:
Jeremy Scott incredibly finished his journey 2.5 years and 29 Countries later, publishing a book documenting his tale. Find it here - The Long Road From A Broken Heart

6. Spotted in: Antalya, Turkey
Ocak 11 2012. 9pm
In Sydney you can find them by the Downing Centre, Liverpool St. In London at the Trocadero underground level. In Antalya, Turkey you'll find your local BBoys at the arcade across from the Muratpaşa tram stop.

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