Jan 11, 2012

Trigger: Day 114 - An NBA day in Portugal

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Day 114: It was the front end of our roadtrip north from Lisboa, the sun was shining and we were deep into the NBA playoffs.

The day began in beautiful Ericeira

and we awoke to a beachfront view.

After scoring some roadside fruit we met up by the van for breakfast.

We spent the day hitting up various beaches,

stopping by Mafra

before settling in Obidos for a burger dinner.

An advertised acoustic night wasn't available
but we befriended the guys from the Restaurant.

VIDEO: Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat Gm3 recap (May 23, 2011)

We camped by the Post Office steps at 1am to access the free WiFi
to watch Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

Our new friends passed by and invited us to join them for a drink.
When we couldn't find anything open we were welcomed in their home.

Our host felt the occasion was worthy of popping open his 200yr old Port.
We chatted and had early morning walks learning about their village.

We discussed sleeping by Obidos' castle walls but instead
crashed at a secluded area along the tracks by the Church.

We never did get to finish Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals but being outside at that moment gave us the opening for the invitation. Sometimes its just a pretext to be at the right place or meet the right people, thats my ultimate wish for the '30HomeGames mission'

The game was a bit of a bummer anyway as the Like-a-Bulls were trounced by 'Heel' Heat. We managed to see highlights of the OKC vs Dallas nailbiter the following day at a library in Leiria. Basketball Never Stops.

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  1. I wasn't aware that Portugal has a very good basketball team.I always thought of them as a football crazy nation.Through your blog i came to know about its diversity in terms of culture and sports.I guess we will have Ronaldos ,Figos,Decos and others in a basketball team.

  2. getting creative with our spamming. well played