Jan 21, 2012

Road Music: Songs to be happy to (Not Sad New Year)

Schadenfreude: (German loanword) delight in another's misfortune
At first glance these songs might not seem like the typical feel-good tunes you've come to expect from 'Songs to be happy to'. You'd be half right.

I was so blissful closing my year in Germany that I began lamenting my good fortune on the trip. I'd been intrigued by the thought of misadventure, to quote a friend "You need to experience the bad to fully appreciate the good". On Boxing Day in Berlin, Skyping with a good friend back in Australia we bemoaned how well-adjusted our upbringing was.

In hindsight it was not my proudest moment. I realised now that being in a good mood is not unlike when you're in a bad mood. Sometimes you have filters on and only see what you choose to see, moreover - choose to remember. My trip has superficially had its ups and downs but often you forget certain aspects after the fact and create a larger narrative to rationalise your current state of mind.

Its human nature to be curious about the things you don't have. I always thought "the grass is greener on the other side" only related to glamorous things but I guess you can really convince yourself of anything.

These were the songs that hyped me into 2012, the songs I hummed to myself as I strolled around Kuşadası, Turkey on the threshold of the New Year.

VIDEO: 'Jet Black New Year' by Thursday

This has been my favorite New Year song for as long as I've known it. It has the right balance of hope and anger to energise the spirit.

VIDEO: 'I'm So Ronery' by Kim Jong-il (Team America: World Police)

My early experiences in Turkey were amongst South Koreans, whether it was being surrounded by Tour groups at touristic sights or finding them solo in hostels. Turkey during the low season has definitely been lonely, the spectacular vistas only highlight this sentiment as I sometimes wish I could share the views with special others. Having to negotiate around the Salesman and Scammers is also a reality of Turkey that adds to the isolation.

That said, Turkey would make a great Honeymoon destination.

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