Nov 13, 2011

Road Music: Songs to be happy to (WWE UK Tour, November 2011)

mick foley, have a nice day, smiley face
Have a nice day!
Wrestling themes are 'Songs to be happy to' by nature. They are designed to condition audiences into a mood, chosen to suit the wrestler's persona and orientation as hero (face) or villain (heel).

I originally wanted to choose one song from each show I watched, WWE Smackdown in Birmingham and WWE Raw in Nottingham. Dedicating it to the surprise appearances from each event, the unexpected return of Hardcore legend Mick Foley and 'Diesel' Kevin Nash.
- Listen to Mick Foley's Entrance theme
- Listen to Kevin Nash' Entrance theme

Instead I've decided to go for the Entrance themes of the Raw Nottingham headliner, CM Punk. His original and current themes capture two different kinds of happiness.

CM Punk's current theme evokes a feeling of naive bliss, the type of childlike joy one gets when immersed in a comic book or feel when meeting a star one admires:

VIDEO: 'Cult of Personality' by Living Colour (CM Punk's new Entrance theme)

His original theme on the other hand embodies a more mature exhilaration. Its like when you're in a nightclub surrounded by stunning women, overwhelmed by pleasure but tempered by adult concerns of doubt, frustration and guilt. Where, cloaked by the loud music you let out a euphoric primal scream. Uh... but maybe that's just me?

VIDEO: 'This Fire Burn by Killswitch Engage (CM Punk's old Entrance theme)

This distinction between the two kinds of happiness is interestingly mirrored in the two wrestling fan types - Marks and Smarks (Smart Marks)
What is your definition of a Mark and a Smark?
A mark is someone who enjoys the show for what it is. They are able to suspend their disbelief and watch wrestling for what goes on [onscreen and they don't care] what goes on backstage. A pure mark is unaware of the scripted nature of the program and believes that wrestling is a legitimate competition.

A smart mark (Smark) is someone who is aware of the staged nature of the show but can still suspend their disbelief to a certain extent...

A smark is someone who thinks they know everything about the business. They tend to put down marks and others who can suspend their disbelief while watching the show. Smarks tend to nit-pick and question every decision a wrestling company makes...
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