Jan 5, 2012

A question answered with a quote: Turkey edition

I've just spent the day in Pamukkale, Turkey and I'd have to rate it as one of the most spectacular sights I've ever witnessed.

My experiences in Turkey have primarily been sightseeing, not incredibly social with many early nights. Its uncharacteristic but in some ways I welcome the different energy - For Now. Outside of social Turkish salesmen most of my interactions have been with other travelers, interestingly its largely been Koreans. As such I've been learning more about the Korean psyche more than Turkish. Turkey assisted South Korea during the Korean war and have a brother relationship, I suspect an effective Tourism (after Turkey faced hosts South Korea for Bronze at the 2002 World Cup) campaign is also somehow involved.

There are plenty of tour groups shuffling around with bafflingly few backpackers in comparison during this winter offseason. Its only early days and there is far more people and land to explore. As always its just a matter of making the best of every situation and more importantly creating the right environment around me to make it happen.

With that I present to you AQAwaQ: Turkey edition.

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Sometimes feelings are more powerful than thinking

If you gain something, you should also lose something

You have no control over other people's perspectives

Where are you from?

You can't see everything, the only guide I use is being happy

I don't want to talk about logic, I just want you to get out!
Do it cuz you enjoy it, not cuz you feel guilty

You want someone in outer space who gets the work done,
you don't want them to be writing poems

Some things you enjoy. Some things you live.

If you're cunning, somehow its ok but stealing is bad. One is on them, one is on you.

- It doesn't matter how macho you are, noone likes to see their mother cry
- Jesus only lived till he was 33, I'm 44. I can't die
- Losing, you learn better
- When your soul is naked, people can recognise
- You can surprise everyone. But not your mother.
- Its egocentric. You get along with people like mirrors.
If you don't see yourself in them it won't work
- Friends and family can f*ck off with their compliments,
it only counts when its from a beautiful woman

- You should embrace their moment
- How come with girls, you won't let it play itself out
- But first... the ice cream needs to be sold and the game need to be played
[It needs to be offered. It needs to run its course]

If they don't like me I move on. I know I'm not for everyone.

- Wear Life like a loose garment
- Serenity Prayer: God, give us grace to
accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

You can find yourself in the mirror. Its free!

- It might not be awesome awesome but since you have nothing to compare...
- 活著是好 (Chinese: living is good)
- You learn to relax your core
- At the end of the day, you only have yourself to lose

- Maybe reality is when the stereotype is closer
- When you go deep we are all the same

- Insist on your beliefs

- To capture happiness, you have to be outside of it

- Artist 1: Can I take a picture of your painting?
Artist 2: No picture! Just buy a painting.

- I'm not ready for heaven yet. But I want to be...

- Artist 1: Thinking too much is not good
Artist 2: I think so

- Revolutionary 1: What are we going to do when our revolution is over?
Revolutionary 2: We can join another one. We have the experience.
- When you have power, temptation looks different

- I don't need to understand but I understand
- Comedy makes obvious the details

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