Oct 18, 2011

Other people's stories - Tales of: Adventure

I haven't written much since my 8month recap, things continue to happen of course and there's always something to ruminate about but I guess I'm mostly just letting it all marinate.

A large part of my experience has been to step back and feed off other people's energies. I've heard some fascinating tales and been alongside some incredible people. Just like listening to a good podcast, I find that hearing other people's stories sometimes just as enlivening as experiencing them myself.

I will begin sharing my collection of other people's stories starting with 'Adventure', the following installment being 'Love'.

Dutch RS
I spent one night hanging with Dutch RS, watching a Lithuania basketball game in an outdoor pub in Klaipeda. We had drinks afterwards where I heard his zany stories, this was one of them. This isn't my story, so I will retell it the way I internalised it.
  • Dutch RS hitchhikes in Latvia
  • Picked up by a guy who drove quite fast
  • Gently suggested he slow down but decided it wasn't his place
  • Wakes up and realises he's in an ambulance
  • Paramedic explains he was in an accident and the driver is fine
  • Laments that he's missing out on the sightseeing. The medic pops open a window and the Ambulance driver takes a scenic route
  • After saying "He's thirsty", the medic reveals some vodka and pours a shot for herself and the patient
  • After inquiring about hostels, the medic offers her place for him to stay at
  • They decide its probably best not to go to the hospital (what with the alcohol and all) and assures him that he'll do just fine
American TG
I first met American TG in a Lisbon hostel. TG had been urban camping the past few days and checked into the hostel for some reprieve, to shower and lie on a comfortable bed. A seasoned photographer, TG spent his first evening sharing his stories and photos with fellow hostel guests. Whilst I was fascinated by his experience, it never occurred to me that I could have these adventures also. As I was leaving Lisboa, I had the epiphany of inviting myself to join him as a running mate.

I ended up roadtripping with Todd twice, first in Portugal then months later in England.
Find a selection of Todd's photos below. Go to his Flickr page here - TGeasland's photostream

Slovakian DK
I met DK as he was being co-hosted by a fellow adventurous CouchSurfer in Ventspils, Latvia. DK was traveling with a fellow Erasmus student from Estonia, both are studying in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. They had only met a few times but the Estonian was drawn to his spirit and travel stories and she wanted to experience it for herself, Ego-tripping if you will.

DK's travels are sometimes documented by a talented running mate videographer, you can experience the adventures yourself with the video below. I will have the benefit of living it in 4D as an impromptu trip to Saaremaa in Estonia has just been drawn up.

VIDEO: Georgia, Armenia and Turkey (Summer 2010)

Update: DK and I reconnected weeks later for Island adventures in Saaremaa

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