Feb 20, 2012

A question answered with a quote: Comedy Podcasts

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Comedians Marc Maron and Pete Holmes
When people get you
Traveling around Europe I enjoyed conversing with people. The most poignant exchanges would often make me cackle, I'd usually follow it up by typing it into my phone to later add to my compilation of quotes:
'You Made it Weird' with Pete Holmes: Episode 14 - Marc Maron
MARC MARON: (27m 30s) See, that's another thing I must envy . You are seriously innocent on some level. I think that what I must perceive as annoying might just be genuine exuberance at a colossal lack of experience
PETE HOLMES: Yeah, that's the retarded golden retriever. I really am kinda going around, pretty happy just sniffing stuff wondering what's going on

MARON: So life hasn't really fucked you?...
HOLMES: Yeah. Enough to make me creative. That's what I'm saying.
Then I look at you saying "Your humbling will be great" and I'm thinking "What's Marc talking about? (feigning obliviousness) Lollipops?"
MARON: No no, that was me being a mean, bullying snipe
HOLMES: You did know it would delight me though? You would have heard my cackling laugh as you closed the door

MARON: You have the sickness that I have. Its like when someone gets you, when someone can hone in. They've got your wiring somehow and they can hit your button. There's a joy in that pain...
I really appreciate the relationships with people, I like having my ass handed to me comedically. There's nothing more indicative of someone understanding you - because especially me "Noone really knows me, People judge me". Then I have these friends, guys that just hit me where it hurts with a joke. And I love it cuz it means that...
HOLMES: They know me
MARON: They know me. I'm not that weird. I'm not that mysterious.
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Cool kids at a punk rock Flamenco show in Sevilla
Where people get you
In every place I'd visit I found myself looking for the same types of haunts I'd hit up when wandering around back home: Art galleries, Comic book shops, Independent record stores and Comedy clubs:
MARON: (31m 30s) I was never a disciplined person, I never did a lot of homework. I didn't understand how people compartmentalised their life... I was always on this search for a sense of self. From being a very young man I would just wander around. Find an area, I did it in High School with the University area. I'd go and hang out at the guitar place for a while... then I knew the guy at the bookstore. I'd spend my days making these rounds and hanging out with the people that I thought were impressive somehow and just sit there and talk for an hour.

I spent a lot of my life in conversation with people, sometimes with strangers. Just because that was nourishing and that was engaging. And that connection was great and I learnt about other people's lives
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How people get you
Brilliant podcasts and sharp comedy can really touch a nerve and cut straight to your being
HOLMES: (40m) Interrupting is how I listen. If i'm not interrupting you its because I'm not participating
MARON: Every conversation you have is about you. Whatever the other person is saying, they're just adding to the conversation about you that's about to happen
HOLMES: That's the worst way of looking at it but that is one interpretation
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