Feb 19, 2012

'30 Home Games' to take centerstage for Loz in Transit

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I launched this journal a year prior to my odyssey so there's no lack of inspiration to be found in Sydney. More that my focus will be transferred to the '30 Home Games' blog.

30HG was a Basketball blog launched in Vilnius, Lithuania during EuroBasket 2011. I achieved my goal to have a basketball experience in each European Country I set foot in and wanted to replicate the same in America. Instead of creating content through my experiences traveling and meeting people, I will achieve it through the analogy of Basketball.

If I had to describe my ambition it would be to apply the curiosity and exploration found in Louis Thoreaux's Weird Weekends documentary series but rather than BBC credentials I hope to use my blog as the passport. I was able to glimpse this style of traveling via Ego-Tripping but hope to delve even deeper with preparation.

30 home games, logo, nba, travelingFind 30 Home Games content here:
- Introducing the new 'LozinTransit' blog - "30 Home games"
- FAQ: Questions I Frequently ask myself
- 30HG on Twitter
- 30HG on Blogger
- 30HG on Facebook

nba, western conference, pacific, northwestern, southwesternExplore my to-do list for the States of the Western Conference
1) Northwest Division
Colorado | Minnesota | Oklahoma | Oregon | Utah
2) Pacific Division
Arizona | California
3) Southwest Division
New Orleans | Tennessee | Texas

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