Feb 10, 2012

Two words: “I'm Back” - 30HomeGames in the 2013 NBA season?

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The Next Chapter
LozinTransit released a press statement which consisted of two words, "I'm Back". The Bohemian retired from his EuroTrip on February 11, 2012 after spending close to 380 days abroad. LozinTransit had a great year and has expressed looking forward to spending time with family and is grateful to the people who made his trip so special. He plans to continue his creative pursuits and will focus his energy on his latest project, the 30HomeGames NBA Roadtrip.

'30HG' was an endeavour launched in September of 2011 during the European Basketball Championships in Lithuania. After a successful run finding basketball experiences around Europe, LozinTransit has set his sights on accomplishing the same feat by visiting all 30 NBA Cities of the United States.

'30 Home Games' retired jersey,
presented at the Basketball tribute corner .
After having a basketball experience in the dozen+ countries visited, LozinTransit retired his European Jersey in a Ceremony in Hamburg, Germany at the end of 2011. A Charity basketball event is scheduled at some point for 2012.

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