May 9, 2011

Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (2 of 3)

After spending a pleasant day in Belem, seeing the sights and the unexpected treat of the 'World Press Photo' exhibition I returned to Lisboa feeling accomplished.

I decide to pop into the MTN Shop/Gallery in Bairro Alto as I'd been meaning to get their patented "94" stickers. Day 94 was my last day in glorious Spain and I was unable to nab any in Sevilla as the store hadn't officially opened yet.

They were setting up for a Gallery opening that night, 'Push Click' - Street art inspired by Video Games.

mtn gallery, push click, video games, street art
On my way to get some jantar (dinner), I asked about the commotion at Praça Luís de Camões‎. N*ke were setting up there Lunarun #3, interestingly a concept similar to this had recently been introduced to me in Granada. I signed up with half an hour to spare. Continued with dinner, downed a cerveja and caught the start of both Europa League semifinals featuring a historic 3 teams from Portugal.

I arrived at the site and chatted to some kids to acquaint myself with the rules:
- You're given a map of the city, it features checkpoints but nothing is labelled
- Clues are provided but they are entirely in Portugese
- You need to get to 4 of the 5 marked spots, have your checklist signed off then return to the start once completed
- I followed others mostly but fluked the last checkpoint when I got lost going it alone
- My foolhardiness definitely cost me. I finished 76th with a time of 33min.

lunarun, nike, lisbon, portugal
The last photo I took before my camera died
Água and Pizza was had. I had been told there were prizes for the 1st placegetter and a Lucky Draw winner. Whilst english is widely spoken in Portugal, all the announcements were in Portugese. Apparently they were calling my number repeatedly and began to draw a new one as noone was claiming it, thankfully my curiosity got the better of me and I asked about the commotion. I'm extremely lucky to have spoken to the right combination of kids, gleaming just the right amount of information.

I ran on stage, fumbled for my scorecard. Got on the podium with a huge novelty cheque and an even bigger novelty smile. I won the right to create my own N*keID kicks, no points for guessing what the inspiration will be. Interestingly, I had befriended a N*kestore clerk a day earlier who had told me how they could ship N*keID instore, my only option as they don't ship to Australia. We brainstormed the inscription together the following day.

Scoring ID kicks at the Lunarun in Lisboa, Portugal
- Read a detailed account of my Sneaker Win on my guestpost for 'Couple of Sports'
- Go to the official N*keRunning Portugal Facebook page

- Find Lunarun #3 photos here
- Check out my Kicks here

Capped the night by checking out the 'Push Click' exhibition...

power ups, push click, video games, street art
badges, push click, video games, street art
Badge 1: "Always on time, never on schedule".
Customary free beer for an exhibition opening. Badge 5: "Win!"
miradouro, lisboa, night, portugal
Portugal is going to be the BOM!
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (1 of 3)
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (2 of 3)
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (3 of 3)

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