May 10, 2011

Spotted in: Portugal - Wishing a picture could tell 1000 words

Spotted in Sintra, Portugal - 8 de Maio, 2011. 3pm
There are 3 dogs in this picture. The first is the puppy with the lady peering out the window. The second is Big Dog with the gangsta lean from the wall.
If you guessed that the final dog was being smuggled by the mother of the two bonitas. Give yourself +5000 points.


Spotted in Lisboa, Portugal - 6 de Maio, 2011. 1pm
Whilst doing venue recon for a hardcore show that evening I stumbled on this sight. Hippies juggling pins and balancing crystal balls whilst a couple were making out with a Cruise ship gliding behind atop an ocean front view.


Spotted in Lisboa, Portugal - 9 de Maio, 2011. 3pm

Seinfeld Moment #1 - Ep.28 The Alternate Side
In Europe it seems like every corner has someone working their hustle. This guy collects keys from his patrons and helps shuffle around their cars a la George Costanza in the 'Alternate side' episode.


Spotted in Lisboa, Portugal - 10 de Maio, 2011. 7pm

Seinfeld Moment #2 - Ep.162 The Merv Griffin Show
After watching German film 'Über uns das All' (Above Us Only Sky) as part of the IndieLisboa Film Festival, I watched the Q+A joining one other patron. The Q+A featured the Festival director interviewing The screenwriter/director and cinematographer. So that makes it 3 people on stage talking to two people. We could have all just gone to coffee but the festival guy Neil young was a machine. He was channeling Kramer from the 'Merv Griffin' episode.

The best part was when the cleaning lady walked past,disturbing the initmate session and the director looked at us incredulously with a "What the?" expression on his face. It was cool, we joined the Germans for a chat in the smoker's area and I had a local friend for the rest of the day.


birds, hit, grill, bmwSpotted in Fatima, Portugal - 14 de Maio, 2011. 1pm

Seinfeld Moment #3 - Ep.162 The Merv Griffin Show
George Costanza: Miranda thinks I'm a butcher, but - it's not my fault, is it? Don't we have a deal with the pigeons?
Jerry Seinfeld: Of course we have a deal: They get out of the way of our cars; we look the other way on the statue defecations.


brazil, dancing, flags, carsSpotted in Lisboa, Portugal - 15 de Maio, 2011. 8:30pm
Brazilians living large - Small cars, big speakers and big flags. Small cutie getting her Carnivale on. This happened at an impromptu offsite party at the 'Brazilian Day' in Lisboa.

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