May 9, 2011

Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (1 of 3)

"A wizard is never late, nor is he early,
he arrives precisely when he means to"
- Gandalf, Lord of the Rings
The first thing you notice on the road is that everyone travels differently. Each person has their own definition of fun determined by their value systems, personality and comfort. There are no right or wrong answers, each person chooses a path that suits them.

Arriving in a new city, I rarely equip myself with a map or foreknowledge. Just basic language prep and a foolhardy belief that my curiosity and humility can carry me through. Just going with the flow - Corrente.

lisbon, portugal
A lookout found near the hardcore gig that night
My only daily proviso is to be productive and prolific. As no plan is charted and I'm doing things as they move me, it ensures satisfaction. Its hard to get underwhelmed when everything seems like a stolen moment. Sometimes its finding a 'happening', having small-world moments bumping into people met in other towns or stumbling on to amazing places. I've arrived unwittingly to the most touristic locations and been blissful at the "discovery".

lisbon, portugal
What a view. How's the serenity?
Admittedly its easier to implement when traveling independently and with the privilege of time. Following laughter heard in the distance, trusting the feeling a path offers, asking questions, sniffing around, looking for signs. And most importantly, a sense of satisfaction.

lisbon, portugal
Following the ruckus - 'Dias em confuso'
With a "no wrong answers" approach, delays and detours just become alternate routes to good times. Getting lost has better oriented me for situations days later, being late has realigned my timing for a beautiful encounter. You'd be surprised how often thoughts and conversations from days previous manifest themselves soon after.

lisbon, portugal
The luxury of time
The start of Portugal has been ridonc! Lisbon keeps delivering. I've actually been meaning to get off this wave so I can document this unforgettable experience. I will be sharing them to you in three parts. Stay tuned.

Its 'Day 100' of my European odyssey. Tudo Bom - Its All Good!

- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (1 of 3)
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (2 of 3)
- Tudo Bom: The first 3 days in Portugal (3 of 3)

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