Jun 23, 2011

World Press Photos 2011: Belém, Portugal

world press photo 2011, lisboa, belemWorld Press Photo 2011, Belém

Social media and the ready ability to access everyones' photos reveals an unpleasant truth about traveling: We all go to the same places and do the same things. Hyperbole aside the handful of must-see destinations coupled with the finite selction of cheap hostels means there will be an overlap in things accomplished and acquaintances made. It doesn't surprise me to find a person met in another country showing up lurking in a new friends' photo collection.

Its a bummer because it exposes the reality that we aren't "beautiful, unique snowflakes" creating original experiences. Maybe thats why I find the pictorials of the 'World Press Photo' so compelling. It reveals realities seldom seen or shamefully overlooked, it reminds me how much of the world I don't know about, have yet to or can only hope to experience. The curiosities of foreign cultures and the wonder found in the mundane lives of others.

I encourage you to look through this year's collection here or better yet find it live in a gallery near you. I experienced it this year in Belém, Portugal. Admittedly there is a sense of detachment looking through the photos, precisely because the awe stems from how far removed the images are from our daily experience.

With that in mind, the photos featured are of subjects close to home
  1. I love wrestling! Got to watch Lucha Libre action in Barcelona
  2. Everyone talks about CouchSurfing. Went roadtripping with a CSer met in a Lisbon hostel and have stayed with friends made whilst they were hosting couchsurfers
  3. Watched my first and only BullFight in Malaga
  4. GoogleMaps Street View, a handy tool for any Modern traveller

flying cholitas, bolivia, female wrestling, lucha libre, world press1. Arts and Entertainment Stories: 2nd prize
Daniele Tamagni, Italy, AP
- The Flying Cholitas, Bolivia: Lucha libre

couchsurfing, brooklyn, world press
2. Daily Life: 2nd prize singles
Malte Jäger, Germany, Laif Photos & Reportagen
- CouchSurfers in a Brooklyn loft

bullfight, gore, matador, world press3. Sports: 2nd prize singles
Gustavo Cuevas, Spain, EFE
- Matador Julio Aparicio is wounded by the bull

google maps, unfortunate events, funny, world press4. Contemporary Issues: Honorable Mention
Michael Wolf, Germany, Laif Photos & Reportagen
- 'A series of unfortunate events'

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