May 1, 2011

On Top of: Puerta Monaita - Hang Granada

From afar
Puerta Monaita, Granada, hippies, lookout
From below
28 Abril 2011, 11am - Granada, Spain.
Standing on the Mirador de San Cristobal lookout I noticed some kids hanging off the wall enjoying the view. I knew I wanted to join them. As I approached the foot of Puerta Monaita and finding the entry door closed, I realised the hippies above were not permitted to be there. I did a quick scout of the area and saw some possible footholds as well as a makeshift ladder leaning on a nearby wall. I would make it a mission for tomorrow.

The next day I met the boyfriend of a hostel worker we hung with the night previous. He was a Vietnamese/German encantador working at a rival hostel. Like most hostel workers in Granada, he was paid in free accommodation. Enterprising types could prepare hostel-cooked meals or organise tips-based tours to earn extra income. I told him about my wall mission and he invited me to join him as he prepared a route for his first Walking tour that afternoon.

We did a few wall climbs but in the end, with the help of a chico we saw there earlier we found the entry was not as elaborate as I'd imagined. This sequence of 'Noticing lookout>Locked Entry>Backdoor sneak' I suggested as a possible tour itinerary.

If you ever go on a walking tour in Granada with a similar template, this moment could have been the genesis.

puerta monaita, backdoor, entry
From outside
puerta monaita, hanging
From inside
puerta monaita, stand, view
From above

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