Dec 26, 2011

One last thought for the year. Thank You Germany!

'A Memento Year' exhibit: Planted signs at Oberhausen wrestling show
One last thought to close my final Chapter in Germany and the book for 2011. As I write this in my Selcuk hostel, Turkish TV is showing the fireworks display along Sydney Harbour. Home.

In Hamburg, I was able to cap off a memorable year by paying tribute to the special moments and people that have shaped my journey. Germany is where my EuroTrip began and it was only fitting to close the year there. As Germans are avid travelers, I had plenty of friends to reconnect with through bonds made around Europe and Australia the year previous. December was like one big Christmas present.

Thanks to all my incredible German friends who have shown great warmth and hospitality. Germany will always have a special place in my heart.

- Germany revisited
- Coolspotting and Hovering (Berlin)
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- Living in the moment (Dusseldorf)

As for the year...
Its difficult to fully explain the great fortune I've had in finding the amazing people I've met and the moments I've been graced to experience. Interestingly the inability to wrap one's head around it is precisely what makes it so magical. Part of me wishes I could bottle it but would I really want to?

I experienced the 'Wunder' exhibition at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg with my artist friend. A particular exhibit caption and this portrait below sum up my feelings capably
Miracles tend to occur suddenly and unexpectedly. They appear as if out of nowhere, posing as a riddle to bystanders who lack the knowledge required to integrate the inexplicable event into existing frameworks of meaning nonetheless such miracles are regularly anticipated and hoped for...
Audience 09 Florence by Thomas Struth (2004)

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