Aug 20, 2011

Live: Edinburgh Fringe comedy roundup 2011

On the other end of 200 days and as the horizon of my funds draws closer, the approach to my travels has shifted. Its less about randomness (goin' with the flow) and more about nerd indulgences. Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival then Basketball at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania.

The Fringe Festival was the only must-do for my year abroad and it didn't disappoint. Edinburgh is a breathtaking city and the festival was quite the spectacle, I am most certainly returning once the festival madness evaporates. I paid largely for acts that were already known to me and did most of my dabbling with the many free performances, some of whom were Australian comedian acquaintances who had made the big move to the UK.


Hannibal Buress
Day 201 Act - Hannibal Buress

I was kinda bummed I never got to see Hannibal when he performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival so it was great to have a chance to see him anyway. There was some awkwardness on this night as he had his fly undone for the first half of the show.

Witness! Hannibal lives up to the Comedy Nerd hype.


Day 202 Acts - Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal

Kurt used his temperature gun and annointed me as having the "hottest crotch" in the crowd. I got a free beer out of it. I got to shake Kristen's hand on stage as part of a puppet sketch. The night's guests for the variety hour were Todd Barry and The Pajama Men.

On a side note, the week prior I hung out with a French-Canadian belle in Rotterdam. I told her that she reminded me of the charming Kristen Schaal. I've been spoilt, though you can never have too much Schaal.


Day 203 Act - Isy Suttie
Show - Isy Suttie: Pearl and Dave

Day 202 - "Strictly no late comers admitted". No luck getting refunds.
Day 203 - Came in with a straight face the following day and retried with my expired ticket. Success! I subsequently used BBC Three's 'Funny in 15 seconds' booth to record a video confessional for my cheeky sins.

BBC Three seems to think the vid was worth publishing on their website. Enjoy!

VIDEO: LozInTransit's Funny in 15 Seconds


Glenn Wool
Day 204 Act - Glenn Wool

15:00 - Found 'UltraChip', a Chip Tunes festival at 'The Forest Cafe'. 2hrs worth of nerdy workshops and I was undefeated challenging kids to StreetFighterII on the SNES
21:30 - Glenn Wool, 'No Lands Man' show
23:00 - Bopped to GasMan and other Chip Tune acts at 'UltraChip'
01:00 - 4hrs of comedy, music and dancing with a touch of racial awkwardness at 'Late night Live'
06: 00 - 4hrs chillin at Arthur's Seat during the breaking dawn

During the Festival, I visited many of the comedians I had befriended in Sydney.
Below are the online homes of these hilarious Australian comedians:
- Mrs Funberries, Ryan Withers and Shane Matheson
- The Cloud Girls, Jennifer Carnovale and Madeleine Culp

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