Aug 9, 2011

Trigger: Festival hopping in Holland (July, August 2011)

Rollerskating [terribly] and moving to the beat of the drum in Rotterdam. Riding the Hammer and other gay adventures in Tilburg. Eating Poffertjes and sharing good times with leuke meisjes in Utrecht. Watching bands and enjoying an impromptu dance circle commanded by a 12yr old girl in Nijmegen. Drinking Advocaat, dozing off then dancing at night in spectacular Amsterdam. The Festivals of Holland...

DAY 168: De Parade. Utrecht
VIDEO: Sfeerreportage De Parade 2011

DAY 175: Vier Daagse Feesten (4 Day Walk Festival). Nijmegen
VIDEO: Vierdaagse Feesten Nijmegen samenvatting vr. 22 juli

DAY 177: Kermis Tilburg. Tilburg
VIDEO: KermisTV - Best Of 2011 - Deel 1

DAY 178: Roze Maandag. Tilburg
VIDEO: LOTT - Opening Roze Maandag 2011

DAY 180: Wednesday Night Skate. Rotterdam
VIDEO: Wednesday Night Skate 2011

DAY 182: Zomer Carnaval. Rotterdam
VIDEO: FunX: Zomercarnaval 2011

DAY 190: Canal Parade. Amsterdam
VIDEO: Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade 2011

DAY 193: Pluk de Nacht. Amsterdam
VIDEO: Pluk de Nacht - Dag 1

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