Apr 27, 2011

Camera games: The Corner collection in Spain

There are 100s of photographers but they all have a different perspective.
- American in Barcelona
You see a ridiculous amount of people travelling behind a lens. Countless amateur photographers with bulky setups. I found it quite comical initially but having now gotten a camera I'm beginning to see the appeal.
Some people "Go. Look. Then leave". Others "Go, Look, SEE. Then leave"
- Bulgarian in Valencia
When I wasn't taking photos I smugly believed I was more in the moment. Chilling at parks and overlooks for hours I would observe people glide past, pose for photos then move on. I considered my experience more real, now I realise the only difference was the privilege of time. There is no definitive way of being in the moment, everyone develops their own experience in the dark room of their mind.

It can be overwhelming/numbing seeing too much of the same thing, no matter how spectacular. Being immersed in stimuli it becomes difficult to process it all. Being behind the lens compartmentalises everything into manageable chunks. Its literally putting the world into a box, a simpler frame of reference. A picture is an abstraction to be admired for later but i'm beginning to wonder if there's really a difference between a moment and the memory of it? For myself, the camera is less an impediment to absorption than it is to participation.

Another thing I've found with photo-taking is that it can be a companion. The only thing more frightening than being without company is being alone with your thoughts. With a camera you can start playing games, create a diversion to mask the fact you're lonely or have nothing cooler to do.

I'm calling this the 'Corner Collection':

puerto monaita, granada
Bottom/Left - Hippies
Bottom/Left - Baby
amelie, guapas, chicas
Bottom/Right - Amelie
bull fight, matador, bull, toro
Bottom/Left - Matador
The Camera Games Collection
Spy VS Spy in Portugal
- Day 177: My second camera's 100 Day anniversary
- The Corner collection in Spain

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