Apr 17, 2011

Spotted: Photos from Sevilla and Córdoba - The first 48

I finally got a "Happiness trapper". After 77 days of traveling I present to you my first 48 hours worth of photos, a selection of shots from Sevilla and Córdoba. Spain as it gears up for 'Semana Santa' (Holy week).

Find more photos in the - LozinTransit Flickr page

flamenco, sevilla, squat
Underground Flamenco
flamenco, sevilla, san marco, castellar
DIY Flamenco
Vomit Siesta.com

"Si we're a Burger King, just keep it on the down-low"
being john malkovich, spain, door
The portal into Juan Malkovich's mind
Someone called me 'Jason Bourne' for having Sim cards for 3 different countries
lube world, japanese tourists
Read: Lube World
Japan asserts its supremacy once again
mala fama, punk rock, spain
mala fama, punk rock, cordoba
Small town Punk Rock, Córdoba.

"Pimpin ain't easy" - Old school edition
"Pimpin ain't easy" - New school edition
Holy Week. Sunday Best, Sevilla.
sevilla, holy week
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