Apr 19, 2011

Me and my Girlfriend: Riding high in Andalucia (1 of 3)

Its been super tranquilo here in Sevilla. I've had the fortunate pleasure of being taken into a home by distant family friends. I have full use of my own Granny Flat but unlike a hostel in the heart of the city the catch is my time here hasn't been too social.

Its not a bad thing, I just need to calibrate for the different energy. I must admit the NBA playoffs have proved some distraction.

I have made one good local friend however, she's sweet.

bicycle, sevilla
Meet Ana-Lucia.

Its Holy Week (Semana Santa) here in Sevilla.
That's where I took Ana-Lucia on our first date.

There are several processions throughout the day continuing late
into the morning. I saw families with strollers at 3am.
Its a solemn event with haunting music that moves some to tears.

Puente de Isabel II, sevilla, spain, night
It wasn't all perfect. Her foot pedal broke so I had to ride her "Flintstone" style for a bit.
We also got lost going home. Relationships won't always be a smooth ride.

- Me and my Girlfriend Pt1: Riding high in Andalucia
- Me and my Girlfriend Pt2: Ride or die, Sevilla La, la la
- Me and my Girlfriend Pt3: Bye Bicicleta Bye!

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