Sep 12, 2011

Big announcement: New blog coming soon...

One of the first things I ask fellow travelers is how they document their experience. I had a recent discussion with a new buddy who was worried about his blog because a friend had told him it was too procedural. I countered that perhaps your first instinct in writing is probably so for a reason. I feel how you choose to tell your stories is a reflection of your personality, as much as the stories themselves. I for instance like to get meta.

I've written a few audits of various live sporting and musical events I've been to, some are procedural whilst others transition into the usual lameness I write about. Whilst I'm here in Lithuania I've been fortunate to attend a few games of the Euro Basketball Championships in the various host cities. I will write reviews of the games I attend, mostly as an exercise to practice journalism and auditing. In particular for basketball games. This will be the basis of a new blog project I will soon unveil that I hope will be the crux of my next big endeavor.

Drumrrrrrrroll please...
VIDEO: All Lithuania is dribbling
Stay tuned.

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