Jul 24, 2011

Road Movies: Total Recall; Venusville is Amsterdam

Paul Verhoeven (Taschen Film, 2005). Douglas Keesey, Paul Duncan
"We must acknowledge these dark things because the sooner we admit our capacity for evil. The less apt we are to destroy each other"

This last statement by Verhoeven can stand as his rationale for his realistic approach to sex and violence. For it is only through breaking through our idealistic lies about ourselves that we can understand who we truly are and how much better we could become.
Paul Verhoeven is an Amsterdam-born filmmaker. Best known for movies like Basic Instinct, Robocop and Total Recall. Total Recall (1990) because of its themes of memory has been a constant reference for my travel experience. Until some chance reading in a Denbosch Bibliotheek, I didn't realise Director Verhoeven was Dutch. Thus influenced by things I had been recently immersing myself with, the art of Jheronimus Bosch and the progressive lifestyle of Amsterdam.

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