Jul 4, 2011

Art imitating life: The power of Horizons

ligne, horizon, Jacques Mataly, french
ligne, horizon, Jacques Mataly, french
ligne, horizon, Jacques Mataly, french
Day 134: On a moonlit night at a [Foz] beachside bar for a typical ERASMUS night, I'm sure we can relate to feeling alone in a crowded room. This was one of those evenings. Staring into the abyss that was the Atlantic ocean only amplified the feeling. The horizon makes you wonder about what's on the other side - Friends and family across the pond, how far from home you really are and the "meaning of it all".

This photo collection is by French artist Jacques Mataly, exhibited in Serpente Contemporary Art Gallery (Porto, Portugal)
Jacques Mataly - Ligne
The horizon is our limit.
Suddenly we contemplate our finitude and we know that beyond this line, it continues, amplifies, the immense stretches, chaos reigns as lord, the magnetic fields are developed, the background noise murmur, disorder thrives. Behind the horizon is infinite, all things, everything that we do not know, all that eludes us and upset us, all that we can not grasp in his hands embracing, watching, everything that our intelligence can not master and subdue, behind, right behind, opens up the territories of our ghosts, fears and beliefs.

Alain Monnier

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