Jun 17, 2011

Trigger: The impressions of Porto

These images are esoteric for now but they are the unforgettable impressions of my time in Porto with my Familia Feliz.

Soundtrack for Porto
'Bad Boys for life' by P. Diddy

Day 128 - Watch
gremio, brasil, football
Day 130 - Warble
play guitar
Day 132 - Wolf + Wolves
lithuania, france, flag
Day 133 - Wasted
ressaca, hangover 2, zach g
Day 134 - Woah + Woot
moon, ocean, night
beach, night, party
Day 135 - With
erasmus logo, erasmus national meeting, exchangeDay 137 - Weave + Water
guinazu, haircut, mohawk, inter
caipirinha, vodka, drink
Day 139 - Waterfall
waterfall, portugal, geres
Day 140 - Wet
singing in the rain
More impressions of Porto
- Trigger: "Qualidade de Vida" in Casa dos Gauchos, Porto
- On top of: Ribeira jump
- Art imitating life: The power of Horizons
- Portugal: eat, pray, LOVE - Portugal sure is warm!

Other impressions
- Trigger Impressions: Porto
- Trigger Impressions: Köln

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