Jun 8, 2011

Poetry in motion: 'Lost in...'

lost in, lisboa, portugal
I seem to only write poems when I lose stuff. So fittingly...

'Lost in...' by LozInTransit
I've lost some stuff but I haven't lost my shit.
Once I lose my cool then I've I've really lost it
When I lost my camera, I was told the camera was in my mind
But what happens when I lose my mind?
I've replaced it since and still carry it with me,
but what's troubling is that I'm losing focus.

Misadventures can be overcome,
In losing money, you gain creativity
In losing a passport, you gain direction
In losing things, you gain freedom
In losing ID, you gain your identity

Time, the one thing in life always in deficit
is strangely abundant when its well spent.
For each instant lost, experience is forever gained.
We mustn't lose sight of that.

The one thing I've found
is I'm happiest when lost in the moment.
Lost in transit.

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