Sep 24, 2013

A question answered with a quote: Brazil edition

I'm in Brazil beginning my 5 weeks here in Porto Alegre, looking forward to reconnecting with "Familia Feliz" in their home state of Rio Grande do Sul. There are times on the road where you realise the gravity of what you're doing. When it dawns on you that noone knows where you are (including yourself) and that this is all just a giant leap of faith. Quite existential.

That happened to me crossing the Frontera of Argentina and Brazil on the border towns of Paso de los Libres and Uruguaiana. Our brains for the most part are just blocking out a lot of daunting realities. Thankfully I've met a lot of cool people in my short time in Brazil who feel the same. It's rained every day since I've gotten here but I know its gonna be a warm month. I'm with Brazilians. In Brazil.

With that I present to you the Brazil edition of 'A question answered with a quote'.
- There is no wrong choice
- I just like stories
- I'm locked by my rules
[If you're thinking about it too much] You should just stay home
Where you belong is where you don't leave
Você não pode negar nunca um copo de agua ou um boquete
(Portugese: You never turn down a glass of water or a blowjob)
Quando queremos enxergar algo, sempre encontraremos aonde estiver escrito ou o que for nos mostrado
(Portugese: We can always find something that's true to us if we are open)
- The mediator rereads reality
- Once you let the art go, its no longer yours
- Whatever you see will always be viewed from your perspective
You can be angry at the situation without being angry at the spectator
Nobody cares about your idea
I love women. Let them be...
Let's go, anything that could've happened should've happened by now
I've been misled by the media and hype
Are they [Brazilians] ever noobs at anything?
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